Gunnebo Johnson Reaching Key Milestone in Asian Hercules III Project

On July 27th, Gunnebo Johnson Corporation welcomed U. S. Congressman John Sullivan to its facility to commemorate the ongoing production of key components for the Asian Hercules III Project. This floating sheerleg crane will be one of the largest in the Far East, and is being constructed in the port city of Nantong, China. Tulsa based Gunnebo Johnson is responsible for the custom design and manufacturing of the heavy lifting components, which will soon begin shipping to China for installation on the giant ship-mounted crane.

“Gunnebo Johnson is a well-established leader in the global rigging and heavy lifting industries, and we are honored to bring our world-class expertise to the Asian Hercules III project” said Craig Aszkler, President and CEO of Gunnebo Johnson. “As we begin shipping components to China, I commend our employees’ dedication in providing a high quality product, custom engineering expertise and outstanding customer service”.

Spanning a twenty four month project timeframe, Gunnebo Johnson has designed and is manufacturing the complete lifting tackle, including sheaves, blocks and lifting beam sets. When completed, the 5000 Metric Ton rated (11,020,000 Lbs.) Asian Hercules III will be able to reach up and out over 500 feet for making marine offshore lifts.

The, Asian Hercules III owned and operated by Asian Lift Pte., of Singapore, will initially be employed for offshore lifting duties in the Far East. The smaller Asian Hercules II, rated at 3200 Metric tons and completed in 1997, also utilizes the unique tackle and beam lifting system designed and built by Gunnebo Johnson.

Over the last decade, Gunnebo Johnson has leveraged its engineering and manufacturing experience on a wide variety of heavy lifting and material handling applications. Deep sea mooring swivels, offshore BOP handling tackle and special hooks to lift the space shuttle solid fuel rocket boosters are, but a few specialized products made in the Tulsa, Oklahoma facility.

Utilizing over a half century of experience in both North America and around the globe, Gunnebo Johnson Corporation custom designs and manufactures products used in the global rigging, heavy lifting and material handling markets. The Tulsa, Oklahoma manufacturing facility is home to approximately two hundred full-time employees.

Gunnebo Johnson cooperates with the Southwest Trade Adjustment Assistance center to ensure that the company remains competitive on a global basis.

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