GEFRAN Launching NEW Electronic Fuse Option At ASM Heat Treating Society Conference & Exposition

Gefran continues to expand its power control family of products with the release of a new Electronic Fuse option.

In line with this philosophy, Gefran Inc. is pleased to announce that they will be introducing its new “Electronic Fuse” option at the ASM Heat Treat Exposition in Indianapolis. John Rylands, Business Development Manager for Power Products at Gefran says; “Gefran’s Electronic Fuse option is a game changer for the industrial SCR power control industry. Up until now, users had to stock expensive semiconductor fuses and then pray that the fuses would blow when the maintenance crew was on the clock. With the Electronic Fuse option, Gefran has developed an option that saves money in maintenance spares, but also in downtime to replace expensive fuses. This is just another way Gefran is revolutionizing the world of SCR power controls.”

The Electronic Fuse option is a revolutionary new way of protecting power control circuits in industrial heating applications. The Electronic Fuse option eliminates the need for expensive semiconductor fuses. The Electronic Fuse option allows users to protect their expensive equipment from over current conditions FASTER than standard semiconductor fuses as well as allow the user to automatically reset quickly from over current trip conditions. The Electronic Fuse option is available exclusively on Gefran’s revolutionary GTF and GFW SCR power controls.

In many industrial processes (such as heat treatment of metals, glass flat tempering, material sintering, etc.), technological demands require the use of enhanced electrical heating systems.  Based on the required temperatures, these systems use heating resistors with peculiar physical properties that need power controllers with very specific control algorithms.

These control algorithms allow functions such as Soft Start, current limitation, compensation of voltage variation, current and power feedback, and diagnostics that combine the needs of the process with protection of the heating elements. The power controllers can be integrated in automation architectures via fieldbus.

In consideration of the electrical environment, the power controllers have to be equipped with extra-rapid fuses to protect them against short circuits, which may occur for a number of reasons (such as loss of insulation of the resistor, material in movement, operator error, current spikes, etc.)

Visit GERFAN at the ASM Heat Treating Society Conference & Exposition, Sept. 17-18, 2013, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana Booth #2136.

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