GEFRAN, INC. Declares 4 Years of Successfully Selling “IMPACT” GEFRAN Mercury Free Sensors

GEFRAN Inc. today announced four years of successful sales of the Mercury Free Sensor, “IMPACT” Series.  The “IMPACT” series from GEFRAN, are pressure transmitters, without transmission fluid for use in high temperature environments.

Eric Kirleis, Gefran’s Managing Director, said, “The plastics industry has been using “Green” technologies for several years.  What consumers don’t understand is the plastics industry is very “Green.”  Gefran has been ahead of the curve for four years selling the IMPACT Sensor, a “Green” Technology to the plastic industry. The IMPACT Sensor was designed for customers interested in protecting the environment.  The sensors provide a great ROI and are easy to use.  Gefran has also been selling a version of the IMPACT sensor that complies with PL “c” safety requirements. This version was designed to provide safety to the employees and the equipment.  These sensors are robust and manage dynamic pressure and overpressure, are reliable, have increased performance accuracy, and are wear resistant.”

The Impact Series is RoHS compliant.  The stainless steel 15-5PH diaphragm has a thickness of 10/15 times greater than traditional Melt sensors.  The greater thickness of the diaphragm translates into greater sturdiness and longer life for the sensor. There is no longer any concern in regards to wear and tear of the diaphragm caused by abrasion due to abrasive polymer.  In regards to toughness, all sales and use of our products have demonstrated and confirmed that the sensor is completely free of any problems linked to adhesiveness of some materials e.g. just two cited: PA and PC. This feature is extremely important on cold starts and/or the installation and substitution phases.

The main characteristics of the IMPACT Sensor Family of products consist of the following:  Pressure ranges of 0-1000bar/0-1500 to 0-15000 psi; Accuracy of < +0.25% FSO (H); <+0.5% FSO (M); Standard threading ½-20UNF, M18x1.5; additional specifications can be obtained upon request including additional products and diaphragm types; Autozero function on board with an external option available.

The product is easy to install. The stem is completely detached from the sensitive diaphragm element better known as “floating mechanics.”  The sensor comes is available in two versions:  single or modular.  The complete transducer, single version, is made up of one structure.  The second version or the modular unit is made up of the stem containing the sensing element connected to the electronics only through a connector.  This design lends itself to an easier installation and makes it simpler to replace components for repair.

In terms of application, the sensors ability to with stand static and or dynamic pressure guarantees compatibility with each plastic transformation process.

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