Gator Test Rig Utilizes Straightpoint Load Cells

Straightpoint force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment is integral to fabrication and periodic testing of equipment at two Southern Louisiana facilities that serve the U.S. marine, oil and gas industries.

Gator Rigging, Inspection, Testing & Supply LLC offers a myriad of rigging services, including inspection, load testing and critical lift consulting for Industry leaders across the state.

The company utilizes Straightpoint load cells at its Morgan City and Cut Off, Louisiana sites. Both locations employ horizontal test beds with the Morgan City branch also having vertical testing capabilities to 100 tons. Plans are in the works to add vertical test capabilities at the Cut Off location in the months to come.

In one recent application at the Morgan City site, Gator used load cells in conjunction with its vertical test bed to complete an annual inspection of marine equipment. A Straightpoint load cell was rigged in the vertical test bed using two 25-ton shackles. With a four-leg sling, the equipment was then lifted and weighed with both load cells providing almost precisely the same result.

Jeremy Houghton, marine consultant and inside sales at Gator Rigging, said,  “The inspection was a success and we contemplate utilizing Straightpoint equipment again for similar applications in the future.”

John Molidor, general manager at Straightpoint Inc., said, “We were contacted by Gator Rigging about this time last year. It was a pleasure to help them improve their ability to provide top quality services to high profile marine, oil and gas customers in the region.”

Straightpoint load shackles are manufactured from Crosby’s industry-leading 2130 Carbon and 2140 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackles to 120 tons and the GN H10 Alloy Bolt Type Anchor Shackle or equivalent in greater capacities. The wireless data logging software allows for simultaneous control, display and real time data logging of up to 100 Straightpoint telemetry load cells. Load shackles are also available in a cabled version, particularly suited to subsea environments.

Gator Rigging’s marine industry customers require use of the test rigs for a variety of reasons, including the certification of weights required to complete lift plans and load outs of equipment. Houghton, who is responsible for consultancy and inspection at the Cut Off facility, added: “As a marine consultant, when assisting customers with the fabrication stage of jobs, the equipment must have a certified weight so the engineers can complete the lift plans and drawings for upcoming load outs of equipment. The load cells provide accurate weights so our engineers can produce these lift plans and drawings.”

Plans are already in place to build a fourth custom-built rig at Cut Off, expected to pull 100 tons or even more.

About Straightpoint

Straightpoint, with two offices in the U.K. and one in the U.S., has been providing load cells to companies around the world to ensure their loads are safe to lift, offload, pull or push for over 35 years. Straightpoint Inc. is now five years old. Straightpoint’s products are currently being used within a wide range of industries such as oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, mining, staging, test and inspection, and military applications. Products are available to buy or hire.

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