Formula 1 Car “hooked” on pewag

The Formula 1 race car of the Red Bull team is always an imposing sight – even more so at a recent event in Kitzbühel, where the vehicle that secured the World Championship title for the team in 2011 actually hovered high above the Kitzbühel Alps, hanging from a helicopter that transported it safely to the Hahnenkamm ski race track. The pewag G10 chain system had a crucial role to play in the proceedings.

We all know that the showcase product of a certain Austrian soft drink manufacturer is supposed to give you wings – and it certainly did in the case of the Formula 1 RB7, the World Championship race car from 2011. On the occasion of the Red Bull Show Run, the vehicle was safely transported by heli-copter all the way from the valley to the mountain station of the famous Hahnenkamm piste – all thanks to the G10 chain system by chain specialist pewag!

Watching Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen hurtling down the snow-covered Hahnenkamm track in the RB7 was certainly a sight for sore eyes. The vehicle was equipped with Pirelli tyres and a custom-made snow chain system by pewag, allowing Verstappen to overcome the less than ideal driving con-ditions by fully leveraging the power of the engine. 3,500 enthusiastic spectators witnessed this unique sight against a magnificent winter backdrop – a world premiere that was a resounding success.

Performance und safety are crucial elements not just in racing, but also when it comes to the lashing and load-securing chain systems developed by specialist provider pewag. Its current high-end pro-duct is the G12 chain system that boasts a one-of-a-kind, intelligent chain profile – the pewag win-ner pro system. This means that the dimensions of the chain links are somewhat smaller than those of comparable chains in grade 10.

The pewag chain system can be used universally and differs from standard round steel by its unique profile shape whose cross-section is reminiscent of the capital letter D. This D shape ensures that the material is optimally distributed across each link and improves the performance of the chain at any diameter.

Impressive values for fatigue strength and bending stiffness stand for a lasting increase when it comes to load capacity. In concrete terms, we are talking of a 50 percent improvement compared to G8 chains and a 20 percent improvement even when compared to G10 chains. The technology also significantly reduces weight, thereby facilitating handling for the user.

The pewag winner pro range is designed for a wide range of applications – a versatility that is re-flected in the product variety. To ensure full traceability, all chains and components come with an identification mark – the easiest way to trace the production process, every step of the way.

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