Foot-Mounted Rope Hoists can be installed in multiple configurations

The successful Demag DR 3, 5 and 10 rope hoist range is now available as an FDR universal foot-mounted hoist for direct connection to support structures. The new FDR foot hoist can be adapted to meet your requirements without compromise – wherever heavy loads need to be lifted, pulled or moved.

Outstanding versatility
The attachment points are designed in such a way that the rope hoist can be installed in four mounting positions, either suspended on the wall or ceiling or standing on the ground or a pedestal. This ensures a free rope lead-off in all directions for all four mounting positions and versatile application.

Load bar operation can also be implemented using two synchronised ropes.

Additional benefits of the FDR

  • Versatile applications thanks to variable rope lead-offs
  • Flexible mounting arrangements due to various connection variants
  • Ideal for refurbishment or modernisation
  • One rope guide for all rope lead-off variants

    Outstanding benefits of the DR range

  • High efficiency due to 20 % longer service life
  • Optimum utilization of space thanks to its compact design
  • High availability thanks to a low maintenance requirement
  • Fast handling thanks to high hoist speeds
  • Good value for money thanks to comprehensive series features
  • Low-vibration, quiet-running motor
  • Fast acting brake
  • Gearbox lubricated for life
  • Protective rope guide
  • User-friendly bottom block
  • State-of-the-art electrical equipment
  • Precision geared limit switch
  • Overload protection

    Versatile use of available space

    The new FDR is the perfect rope hoist for every area of application, whether for planning new installation configurations or for integration into existing structures, such as for refurbishment and modernisation. Thanks to its compact design, it is the ideal solution for workshop and installation planning when space needs to be saved.

    Fast and durable

    Increased hoist speeds improve handling rates and, therefore, the efficiency of your installation. The new FDR features a long service life and is rugged and reliable – factors which ensure your installation remains reliable and available.

    Range   Load     Hook path   FEM / ISO *   Reeving   Hoist
          capacity   up to                    speed **
    DR 3    3.2 t     15 m      2m / M5         4/1     12.5 m/min
    DR 5    6.3 t     15 m      1Am / M4        4/1     8 m/min
    DR 10   12.5 t    20 m      1Am / M4        4/1     9.5 m/min

    * Gearbox service life is 20 % higher than the full load service life, according to FEM / ISO

    ** ProHub => Load-dependent increase in hoist speed, loads weighing up to one third of the rated load capacity are moved at 1.5-times the rated hoist speed

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