Mammoet, the world’s largest service provider specializing in engineered heavy lifting and transport, and Stoof Engineering and Innovation (E&I) are joining forces to develop a new type of heavy lifter, named Focus. The “Focus” combines an unparalleled lifting capacity and maneuverability with fast (de)mobilization. It is particularly well-suited for use in confined areas, such as complex heavy industrial plants. The Focus is a perfect addition to Mammoet’s fleet of cranes by offering the most efficient and cost-effective crane for specific, ultra-heavy, lifting tasks.

Mammoet’s customers are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their construction and turnaround projects. Since heavy lifting and installation of components is always on the critical path, Mammoet is constantly developing approaches and equipment that allow us to bring deadlines forward. The Focus has the ability to lift significantly bigger and heavier loads, making many construction projects much more efficient.

In 1996, Piet Stoof, former technical director of Mammoet and founder of Stoof E&I, invented the MSG 50 (Mammoet Sliding Gantry), with a maximum load moment of 50,000 tonmeters.The MSG-50 was the first machine with containerized masts and components, which leads to fast- and cost effective transportation of the crane. Mammoet went on to develop the MSG 80 ring crane (80,000 tonmeters) followed by the containerized PTC ring cranes (up to 200,000 tonmeters). The PTC is currently the strongest crane available in the market, combining lifting capacity of up to 5,000 tons with a long reach, small footprint, flexible configuration and quick mobilization.

Mammoet and Stoof E&I now again join forces to develop the containerized Focus as an addition to Mammoet’s current fleet of ring cranes.

The Focus is designed to facilitate easy and fast assembly , lift ultra-heavy loads and provide unique maneuverability in confined areas. It takes all these features to a new level:

Vertical Assembly without the need for extra cranes
The Focus can be fully assembled on site in confined areas. The whole assembly process takes place in vertical direction as opposed to conventional assembly of cranes which is usually on the ground. There is no need for auxiliary cranes as lifting capacity is integrated into the design, making the Focus and its boom sections – even above 200 meters main boom – self-erecting. The Focus is easy and efficient to transport due to its containerized design.

Ultra-heavy lifting capacity
Depending on the configuration, the Focus is expected to lift up to 24,000 tons with a load moment of up to 1,500,000 TM. This is beyond any capacity offered by cranes currently available.

Unparalleled Maneuverability
The Focus is designed to allow for variable distances between the mast/boom foot and the counterweight with a load in the hook. This can even be done while the crane is slewing. It provides for the unique maneuverability of the crane – combining linear movements and turning in one fluent motion – regardless of the radius involved at any point in time.

The Focus can pick up a load from a ship in a linear movement, pull back while turning, and place the object at any point around the crane. Because of the length of the mast – up to 200 meters – the object could even be placed over other buildings. Other cranes can perform these types of movements, but none of them are able to do it to the extent the Focus can.

Learn more at this link.

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