Terex Port Solutions (TPS) delivered the first 12 of a total of 24 Terex® rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes to Asyaport, a new international container terminal situated on the Sea of Marmara, Turkey. The cranes were designed and manufactured in the TPS facility in Xiamen, PR China. Linked here is a video showing the arrival, unloading and commissioning of the crane.

Cranes helping Asyaport to face future challenges

Asyaport is owned and operated by Global Terminal Limited (GTL) and earmarked to become one of the largest container terminals in Turkey: “With the help of the new cranes, we will be well placed to face future challenges in a highly competitive market environment”, says Marc Desmons, Engineering Services Manager for GTL. “Thanks to the on-time delivery of the machines, we remain on schedule for the opening of our new terminal.” The Sea of Marmara is an interface in trade between Asia and Europe and an important hub for the steadily increasing flow of goods across the Bosporus into the Black Sea. Moreover, handling volumes are increasing thanks to rapid growth in the Turkish economy.

First ever Terex RTG cranes delivered to Turkey

The machines are the first ever Terex RTG cranes delivered to Turkey, explains Maurizio Altieri, General Manager of TPS Xiamen: “TPS is well established in Turkey, with a range of ship-to-shore cranes, various types of harbour cranes, gantry cranes for container stacking and other cargo handling machines. The RTG cranes consolidate our strong position in this rapidly developing region and we are pleased that they will help Asyaport to achieve its ambitious goals. ”The machines can handle up to 40 t, have a hoisting height of up to 21 m under the spreader and can stack standard containers 1-over-6. Since they are designed as E-RTG variants and powered through a raised busbar direct from the harbour mains, they generate minimal local exhaust emissions and have low noise emissions.


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