Filtec Precise Brings More Efficiency to Polyester Roundslings

Filtec Precise Inc., a pioneer in the roundsling core yarn supply industry, is proud to announce their newest innovation EPP 21 – Engineered Polyester Power.  EPP 21 is a core yarn designed specifically for high capacity polyester roundslings. 

Appropriate for size 7 blue (21,200 lb WLL) and above this core yarn can offer much faster fabrication times and sling efficiency gains thru higher breaking strength and/or less total denier use.  Verified through extensive trials at a number of shops across the country the EPP 21 core yarns can increase sling efficiency as much as 15% in very large (45+ ton vertical lift capacity) slings.  The EPP line offers this performance advantage thru Filtec’s proprietary finish and additional denier providing larger break strengths and is available in 140,000 and 210,000 denier.  The EPP21 has a truly impressive 75 lb package size with the same meter length as standard 100,000 denier packages.  This allows fabricators to produce more slings per package saving time and eliminating knots.

One of the first innovations from Filtec Precise was EHP – Engineered Hybrid Power that set the stage for greater market availability of High Performance Hybrid Roundslings.

Filtec Precise Inc is a 25 year old industrial textile converter that is ISO 9001 registered.  Filtec Precise is part of the Filtec group, a global textile business headquartered in Germany.  All fibers processed and finished by the filtec group are used throughout the world in a variety of different applications. Examples include filter fabric, conveyer belt fabrics, construction textiles, geotextiles, narrow fabrics, hoses, lifting equipment rubber components, sewing thread and in medical engineering.  New applications for high tenacity yarns are being developed every day.

To learn more about EPP 21 and other products available through Filtec Precise, please visit

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