Field ID Unveils Safety Scoring

Field ID, the leading provider of cloud-based safety compliance management software, today unveiled a flexible new safety inspection and audit scoring feature. The feature enables Field ID to be easily customized to virtually any company’s safety scoring process.

Field ID has always offered the flexibility to tailor inspection checklists, but until now scoring on each criteria used a pass-fail system. While this meets the needs of most businesses, many safety and inspection professionals use complex systems, including sliding numeric scales and checklists that place greater weight on critical safety measures. Field ID now provides sliding scales and automatically calculates scores according to the weighting specified by users.

“The new scoring feature enables many more companies to replace legacy paper-based inspection with the efficiency and reliability of Field ID’s automated system,” said Matthew Paterson, Director of Product Management, Field ID. “This upgrade reflects our commitment to the continual expansion and refinement of Field ID’s capabilities to meet the needs expressed by our users.”

Users can quickly and easily set up a customized scoring system, either on their own or with assistance from Field ID’s support team. The entire process takes no more than five to 10 minutes.

About Field ID

Field ID is the world’s leading paperless safety compliance and inspection management system. The company’s easy-to-use, cloud-based inspection software has revolutionized the way companies manage safety compliance, create safer workplaces, and improve quality assurance processes. Field ID combines web-based technologies with the power of mobile devices and electronic identification (RFID and barcodes) to improve the efficiency, reliability and reporting of workplace safety management. Manufacturers, distributors, third party inspectors and end users worldwide use Field ID to inspect facilities and equipment, improve training management, and track assets such as cranes, slings and harnesses. For more information, please visit

Contact us at 416-599-6464 or 1-800-996-4797 toll-free in North America, or via email at

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