FEM Releases New Guidelines for High-Performance Ropes in Mobile Crane Applications

Samson, the worldwide leader in high-performance synthetic rope, was a proud participant on the working team that helped the FEM (European Materials Handling Federation) develop guidelines for use of high-performance synthetic ropes in mobile crane applications. The guidelines represent the first formal industry guidance for the use of synthetic rope for mobile cranes. It is recognized by most as the first important step in the widespread advancement of synthetics in the crane and construction markets. Samson application engineer Dustin Heins, as well as research and development manager Greg Mozsgai, were contributors to the development of this document as participants on the FEM committee that drafted the guidelines.

Samson was honored to have participated on this committee, and thankful to the FEM and full panel of industry experts for the investment in time and energy needed to create these guidelines. With safety as one of our core values and the driving force behind many of our synthetic rope innovations, we are glad to have these new guidelines to advance safe and proper synthetic rope usage. As the construction industry continues to evolve and seek out more effective and efficient ways to build, Samson strives to provide innovation in rope technology that is proven to increase safety without sacrificing performance, while also lowering total cost of ownership.

With a heritage of almost 140 years of rope development, and as the first to introduce a synthetic rope specifically for mobile cranes (K-100™), Samson was delighted to be part of this two-year development. Working in conjunction with other rope suppliers and crane manufacturers, Samson couldn’t be more pleased with the resulting document, which can be found at: http://www.fem-eur.com/new-guidance-on-mobile-cranes/.

Said Michelle Jarvis, Marketing Strategy Manager for Industrial Markets at Samson: “Our participation in this committee, along with other similar industry association efforts globally, demonstrates our commitment to this market. We believe our products offer improved working conditions and a safer operating environment for construction industry employees; this, coupled with the ability to recognize lower total cost of ownership for the operator and owner, is what drives Samson to continue to invest and innovate in this market.”

About K-100 — The First Synthetic Hoist Line for Mobile Cranes

This lightweight alternative to traditional steel-wire rope is 80% lighter, making handling, reeving, and installation much easier. At the same time, it provides the same line pull and load chart as wire, and can be used with a 5:1 safety factor. Because K-100 does not rust, it requires no lubing, and its unique construction eliminates kinking, birdcaging, and damage caused by diving on the winch drum. No wonder it’s a growing favorite among crane operators. For more information, visit samsonrope.com/pages/cranes.aspx.

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