Equipment Corps Now Offering Hydra-Slide Range for Rental in Canada

Equipment Corps, of Stoney Creek, Ontario is offering Hydra-Slide’s range of hydraulic skidding equipment for rental across Canada with immediate effect.

Equipment Corps has two facilities—the other is in St. John’s, Newfoundland—and 35 employees. It specializes in the provision of industrial and construction tools, in addition to fabrication equipment. Both companies are proudly Canadian, and family owned and operated.

Hydra-Slide™ skidding systems are a cost-effective, simple and safe method for moving heavy loads horizontally. They are built to last, engineered for field conditions, and designed with the rigger in mind.

The product range, which features heavy track and low profile systems in addition to turntables, hydraulic power packs and rigging equipment completes Equipment Corps’ portfolio of solutions that lift, pull, move and now slide all types of heavy loads for applications in Canada’s crane, power generation, construction and transport industries.

Luke Habza, technical sales and business development at Equipment Corps, said: “The partnership effectively gives the Canadian market access to skidding systems. Associating ourselves with the best brands has always been our goal; we pioneer by finding gaps in both our product offering and the overall industry. Hydra-Slide products allow us to achieve both of these things.”

Janine Smith, vice president at Hydra-Slide, said: “We understand the value of having a rental partner to support a client’s needs that, for any number of reasons, may not be looking to purchase equipment. Luke and I started communicating a few months ago when a custom application arose for one of their customers. It became apparent how we know many of the same people and how much overlap there is in our client base and industry connections. Further, we operate our companies with the same mandate of excellent customer service and each have a reputation for honesty and integrity in the market.”

Global Partners

Hydra-Slide equipment is utilized globally on projects ranging from mega infrastructure and tunnels projects to equipment installations. The manufacturer, also based in Ontario, has cultivated a variety of partnerships—UK-based Rapid Response Solutions is its European partner, for instance—each of which is tailored to the company, its target audiences, and the marketplace.

As Smith put it: “We have a handful of partners worldwide, some focus on rental, others distribution, and there are those that are more oriented for onsite support. The common thread between all of them is that we work to the same ideals with our partners without being bound to a specific model. This means working transparently and unselfishly to provide an unmatched product with unrivalled service, whether that is sale or rental.”

She added: “It’s positive all around—our Canadian customers have a source for equipment rentals; more companies will be introduced to our brand and have a chance to use it without the full investment of equipment purchase; and Equipment Corps will have new tool to offer to the industry. Plus, we are supporting the local economy through our manufacturing, sales and distribution endeavors.”

Equipment Corps has invested in a XLP150 system as a direct result of the rental agreement. The 150-ton capacity extreme low profile XLP150, meanwhile, features a 1.25-inch (32mm) profile, and is suitable for applications where overhead space or clearance is limited, such as inside buildings or within live power stations. It is the most compact system designed by Hydra-Slide and is rated for 250 ton push and 150 ton pull function. As Habza explained, the fleet will expand and evolve in line with market demand. He said: “To begin, we will work closely with Hydra-Slide to establish the ins and outs of their products. Once we gain enough confidence in each other we hope to work with the product independently. Training will remain a 100% joint effort.”

Smith concluded: “Equipment Corps has positioned itself as a supplier of some of the top brands in the heavy lift and moving industry. They’re taking the time to learn our product line and how it fits into the broader picture of a project. Only by understanding all these aspects can a partner truly promote the products confidently and successfully. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

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