Entertainment Industry Welcomes New GIS Motor

From the beginning of 2017, Swiss electric chain hoist manufacturer GIS AG is replacing its LCH series with the LP series, offering entertainment rigging professionals a game-changing lifting solution tailored to their sector.

The LP series includes the much anticipated, newly developed and innovative LP500 with up to 60% greater lifting capacity, IP65 as standard and very quiet running at a maximum 65 dB—a key feature for the theatre and live events marketplace.

The specific requirements of the entertainment industry, such as increased capacity in one fall operation, low dead weight, low noise emission and suitability for outdoor use, have been given priority throughout the design and manufacture of the LP500 concept.

LP500 has a robust construction, is simple in its assembly and does not contain any sensitive electronics. All shaft-hub connections are built in a self-centring polygonal design, meaning disassembly and assembly is faster with no special tools required. Wearing parts, such as the chain or chain wheel, can be replaced within a few steps and without disassembly of the entire chain hoist. Perfect for a happy life on the road!

A self-contained, helical cut, three-stage transmission with permanent grease lubrication ensures quieter operation, with noise emission reduced from 75 dB to 65 dB due to this feature in the chain hoist housing, along with the chain wheel with five pockets, and the horizontal and vertical supported chain.

Available with BGV D8, BGV D8+ or BGV C1 motor, three- and single-phase designs (except C1) are available. As per BGV C1 design criteria, LP500 has interfaces for path and load measurement.

The entire chain fall is designed with a statistical safety factor of at least 8:1 (ISO M5, FEM 2m), meaning wear of the components is decreased and the life cycle is extended four times, to 1,600 hours (ISO M5, FEM 2m) in comparison to the previous model at identical lifting capacity. A case-hardened and manganese phosphated profile steel chain offers a 15% higher capacity, compared to conventional round steel chains. Furthermore, the chain has excellent corrosion resistance and improved dry running properties.

With the BGV D8 motor, the lifting capacity of the LP500 is 800kg in one fall operation, compared to 500kg with the previous model, or an increase of 60% (ISO M3, FEM 1 Bm) in one fall operation.

GIS AG chief executive officer Ivan Muri said: “We aligned the construction of the new electric chain hoist with the needs of the entertainment industry. For example, the second independent DC spring-loaded brake in the D8 Plus design can be assembled on the present shaft without using a housing extension.”

LP500 also comes with IP65 rating as standard, offering protection against dust and water ingress, and which Erich Widmer, GIS AG sales and marketing manager, described as “essential”.

“With its compact and robust design, the LP series is suitable for dusty environments, as well as for outdoor use. During operation, as a climbing hoist, rainwater can enter the chain wheel area,” Widmer added. “The liquid drain, which is included in the housing, allows the water to run off the opposite side of the chain hoist without any occurrence of corrosion damage.”

The LP series boasts an abundance of inbuilt features engineered specifically for entertainment applications, while riggers have also embraced the three-year warranty offered with the product.

GIS AG, based in Schötz, Lucerne, has been developing and manufacturing electric chain hoists for more than 50 years and sells them via its distribution partners worldwide. Learn more at their website.

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