Easy to Install Plug and Play Remote Control from HBC-radiomatic Inc.

Remote control manufacturer HBC-radiomatic Inc. is targeting the North American overhead crane and hoist market with a new plug and play system that provides a myriad of benefits to industrial lifting applications.

The Hebron, Kentucky-based company has released the FSE 308 and FSE 312 wireless systems that can be installed without cables and wiring. Intelligent frequency management is available at no additional cost, while the radio receivers come standard with an integrated horn and signal light to indicate radio operation.

Jeff Allan, CEO, HBC-radiomatic Inc., said: “The concept was developed to add simplicity to the installation of radio control systems. Unlike conventional installations, where the receiver is often hard-wired to the machine, the 300 series receivers have an integrated plug and can be installed or removed in a matter of seconds. For customers wanting interchangeability between tethered pendant and remote controls, the plug and play receiver conveniently supports that option.”

The products are manufactured for the control of chain hoists and standard industrial cranes. Mike Sparks, Regional Sales Manager, explained that they are suited to all hoist applications (two motion, two speed) in addition to basic crane applications (three motion, two speed). Both systems are available with 2.4GHz frequency management technology.

He added, “This concept was initially devised to integrate seamlessly into some of the major crane manufacturers’ product offerings. The idea of including the signal light and horn was based on EN standards and providing a solution to our customers that allowed them to meet those standards with one device.”

The FSE 308 has eight relay outputs for black/white control commands for the wireless control of standard chain hoists. The FSE 312 is equipped with four additional relays, allowing for the convenient control of standard industrial cranes. Safety is provided by a robust plastic housing in renowned HBC-radiomatic quality (protection class IP 65) as well as an emergency stop circuit corresponding to Performance Level d, category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1:2008.

With its Han 10 plug connection, the compact dimensions of 119 x 141 x 57 mm (4.7 x 4.5 x 2.2″), and the low weight of 550 grams (1.2 lbs.), the FSE 308 can be plugged directly onto the machine without wiring. It eliminates the need for wear-prone cables, even when space is limited. The FSE 312 also boasts space-saving dimensions of 150 x 141 x 64 mm (5.9 x 5.5 x 2.5″) and a weight of just 680 grams (1.5 lbs.).

Allan said the series offers intelligent and almost universally-accepted frequency management that eliminates the need for complex frequency mapping in areas with high levels of radio frequency traffic. Multiple systems can be installed in the same area without any special assignments or configurations. The 300 series receivers can be paired with a vast array of HBC-radiomatic’s well-known transmitters, such as the micron 5.

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