Dutch Family Business Peinemann Mobilift Group Takes Over Specialist in Industrial Relocations G. van Harten B.V.

The Rotterdam-based Peinemann Mobilift Group B.V. takes over the Veenendaal family business G. van Harten B.V. The share transfer was formalized last Friday.

Peinemann is an international service provider in the world of horizontal, vertical and road transport with an annual turnover of € 200 million and 850 employees. Peinemann rents and sells a wide range of equipment and offers maintenance and personnel services.

“We are very happy with this addition to our service package,” says Ad Kornet, CEO of Peinemann. “G. van Harten specializes in industrial relocations and has lift systems of up to 1,100 tonnes at its disposal. Peinemann works worldwide, from Dubai to New Orleans. We have international ambitions to put the unique knowledge and skills of G. van Harten on the map, where they are not yet active. Moreover, we are also a family business, a size larger, but the cultures fit well together. “

G. van Harten is a healthy family business that was founded in 1986 by Gert van Harten. As a mechanic he gained a lot of experience with lift work at Mammoet. From a living room converted into a canteen, the now 72-year-old Gert started the adventure with an old car, a trailer, a toolbox and hoist with two temporary workers. His wife took care of all hand and care services.

He has always financed the growth of his company from his own resources. That is why the company is a strong specialist wells known in the Netherlands with renowned clients such as Qirion (formerly Liandon), Royal Dutch Mint, Upfield and Bruil.

“I look forward to build on growth together with Peinemann,” says Judith van Harten, daughter of founder Gert and manager of the company. “We are too small to have everything in-house, while the market is becoming more demanding and requires more investment. Together we can handle more and larger projects. For example, we have transported a complete asphalt plant in parts from Venlo in The Netherlands to Antwerp in Belgium and we are placing many transformers in residential areas for energy supply. “

According to Ad Kornet, the acquisition is also good news for technical talents in the region. “Personnel is scarce and well-trained professionals choose attractive challenges. Now that G. van Harten is part of an international company, you can build an international career from Veenendaal. We are active in Europe, America and Africa.

The van Harten family remains active in the company after the acquisition. Both Judith van Harten and two cousins ​​will leave a mark on the company.

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