DLM Load Cells for RSS Hire Fleet

DLM Load Cells

Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd. (DLM) has delivered 10 12t capacity wireless telemetry tensile load cells and handheld readers to Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS), for addition to its Heathrow-based hire fleet.

The TL-3.0 load links will bolster a force measurement suite at the lifting and rigging supplier’s London depot—one of eight national facilities—ranging in capacity from 5t to 150t. They were delivered within three days of order due to time constraints associated with the first rental of the equipment.

The hardware is RSS branded and features a prominent black strip, versus the more familiar orange colour typically associated with DLM technologies. The manufacturer can meet all suppliers’ branding requirements.

DLM Load CellsThe product, which is likely to be hired as single units, is a third generation tensile link load cell; it is a lightweight measuring tool that combines a high level of performance with a robust design for harsh environments. With a range up to 800m and a huge battery life of 700 hours, the TL-3.0 can be paired with one or a multiple number of TW-3.0-T telemetry handheld displays.

The display, meanwhile, is a modern, slimline, multifunctional load monitoring device. It has a large, high-quality LCD screen, which is optically bonded, removing the need for a back light and improving clarity in bright sunlight. There are 12 devices on the network that can each be given a customisable friendly name, made visible on the screen to make instant identification possible.

The TW-3.0-T telemetry handheld display ensures reliable load readings, while also being simple to operate. It can be used in conjunction with any DLM-manufactured load cell. It is specifically designed to work in high noise environments around powerful WiFi networks or port terminals.

Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, said: “We selected 12t because of an initial project that they will be hired to, but the capacity is well suited to a myriad of single, multiple, and repeat use rental scenarios, hence we anticipate widespread uptake. While several load links will be first sent to a maritime application, they will be used on construction, infrastructure, nuclear, and other sites in time.”

Key product features include manufacture from aerospace grade aluminium; ability to transmit to unlimited handheld displays with up to 12 load cells; 2.4 GHz license-free frequency; remote power on / off feature; and sleep mode for battery conservation.

Hutin added: “We are in a highly competitive environment that requires us to compete on all relevant facets of force measurement—availability, reliability, durability, cost, etc. Load cells are now integral to any lifting and rigging company’s offering, and DLM are a chosen world-class supplier in this specialist field.”

The load cells will be recalibrated annually by DLM.

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