DICA Debuts Labor-Saving Temporary Roadway for Effective Ground Protection – One of Three New Products!

Temporary Roadway

DICA debuts SlatTrax to the construction industry at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, March 14-18. The engineered temporary roadway helps contractors reduce crew size and crew fatigue, while helping to protect the ground, gain site access and prevent ruts. Made of HDPE recycled plastic, SlatTrax is lightweight, durable, and fast to deploy. For use with compact and medium-duty equipment weighing up to 40 tons, SlatTrax minimizes damage to grass, sand, field turf, or paved areas where equipment or personnel must travel.

“SlatTrax is a labor-saving solution that eliminates the need to lift, carry, and leapfrog plywood or plastic ground protection mats into position for equipment travel,” said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA.  “The recycled plastic is extremely strong and resistant to compression loads. It’s also long lasting because it doesn’t degrade, rot, crack or water-log like sheets of plywood.”

Up to 100 feet of SlatTrax Roadway is easily assembled in 12.5 ft. and 25 ft. sections. These sections can be deployed or retrieved manually or with the SlatTrax Hydraulic Attachment in minutes. The compact, self-contained system will free up valuable trailer space and simplify storage, loading and unloading.

SlatTrax sections consist of ¾-inch plastic slats that are 36”, 42”, or 48” wide, which provide contractors with flexibility to accommodate different track bases. Users can choose between a DIY version that is manually pulled into place with grip straps or a single spool or double spool that can be deployed using a patented SlatTrax Hydraulic Attachment.

Individual slats are connected with a spine and capture joints that enable articulation (rolling) and arcing (curving) of the roadway. “SlatTrax conforms to the terrain, unlike sheets of plywood or plastic. The configuration enables contractors to build temporary roadways so that they can more quickly and easily get equipment from Point A to Point B,” said Koberg.

Construction of a SlatTrax temporary roadway is highly efficient and modular, each section can be combined or separated quickly and easily without the use of tools. Meanwhile, individual slats can be repaired or replaced in the field in minutes. “With thousands of units sold, we know that it’s rare for slats to crack to break, but if they do, a replacement kit with the necessary hardware is available that makes the job simple,” said Koberg.

DICA acquired SlatTrax in late 2022.  “SlatTrax is a natural expansion of the DICA brand. It is ideal for construction, utilities, tree care, landscaping, and recreational applications—anywhere ground protection, site access, or staging areas are needed. It provides a unique labor-saving and fast deployment solution for equipment setup that improves working conditions, safety, and productivity,” said Koberg.

See DICA’s full product line on display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG Festival #F9756 or at DICAusa.com.

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