Demag Helps Keep the Sydney Aquarium Sparkling

Two Demag hoists are installed in underwater tanks for cleaning and maintenance

The Sydney Aquarium takes people on an underwater journey and lets them see and experience aquatic life in spectacular habitat displays. With more than 12,000 aquatic animals from 650 species, the aquarium features amazing underwater tunnels and boasts the world’s largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit.

Set in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, the Aquarium boasts one of the world’s largest collections of sharks, rare dugongs, elusive platypuses, beautiful seahorses, playful penguins, giant turtles, jellyfish, thousands of tropical fish, gigantic stingrays, and much, much more.

Keeping the aquarium clean and moving the animals is an ongoing job, and it is of utmost importance that the animals are moved safely. Two Demag DC-Pro chain hoists including pendants and a KBK-25 catenary system are relied upon to make it as easy and safe as possible.

The Demag chain hoists are installed in the two main tanks and are used to move animals and gear in and out of the tanks for cleaning, maintenance and for when animals need to be relocated.

The tanks are generally cleaned every second day.

According to Paul Eager, Curatorial Supervisor. Sydney Aquarium, “The Demag hoists and cranes play a major role in upkeep of the aquarium. They are used during the drive cleans to move gravel and animals and also used for boat removal.”

“We clean within a set period of time so we need to know the products will work every time. The reliability and track record of Demag provides that peace of mind, “ Eager added.

Eager believes the benefit of working with Demag is the knowledge and experience of the staff and the great back up service. “With Demag you get the people who know the product and it’s extremely reliable, when we use our cranes it is important that they work and with Demag we know they will,” Eager said.

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