Delta Rigging & Tools’ Specialty Components Group offers CAD/CAM Design and Custom Manufacturing Services

When Delta Rigging & Tools, Inc. (, one of the largest providers of lifting and rigging products and related services in the United States, decided to offer specialized lifting products and services, the company proved its customer value in a very big way. Delta’s recently formed Specialty Components group has created a special-purpose sling to lift 6-ton elephants for the Dallas Zoo.
The Specialty Components group used the requirements from the Dallas Zoo to design and manufacture a synthetic sling that will, when needed, safely lift and temporarily suspend their largest elephants for veterinary care. Although they are happy the sling has not been put into use, the Dallas Zoo was very pleased with the product, and as a result, other U.S. zoos have contacted Delta about its “elephant-lifting sling.” The Specialty Components group is now being asked to design and custom fabricate other unique items for zoo animals across the country.

“We were not aware of anyone being asked to design an elephant sling before, so it’s an interesting case study that demonstrates Delta Rigging & Tools’ ability to design and fabricate rigging and lifting equipment to meet any challenge — whether it’s creating a unique sling to lift an elephant or building a custom lifting device for high-performance military aircraft,” said Eric Johnson, Delta Rigging’s Vice President of Marketing.

“Our motto is ‘When Every Lift Counts,’” added Johnson, “because every time you lift something very heavy into the air, you have to regard it as mission critical in terms of safety for your personnel. In this case, it was also very important to consider the safety and comfort of the animal being lifted. With this customer success story, Delta Rigging & Tools has proven it has the expertise and capabilities to meet the most specialized lifting needs.”
In addition to delivering specialized CAD/CAM and fabrication services to meet unique customer challenges, the Specialty Components group offers a wide range of ASME, MIL-SPEC and NAS rigging and hardware.

Scott Daily, manager of the Specialty Components group at Delta Rigging & Tools, notes that even the items the group carries on the shelf are quite specialized and can be difficult to source.

“We carry a tremendous stock of hard-to-find fittings and specialty purpose materials,” said Daily, “from chains, hooks and fasteners to other rigging items that meet the higher engineering standards required by the military and industries such as defense, scientific research, nuclear power, and healthcare.

“And if we don’t carry it, we can usually find it or manufacture it to ensure the customer’s specific requirements are met,” Daily added.

For example, Delta Rigging & Tools operates in-house sewing shops able to custom manufacture MIL-SPEC synthetic slings, strap assemblies and tie-downs to the meet the highest standards. The company also has specialized items like galvanized, nickel-plated and stainless steel components for highly corrosive environments, along with wire rope that meets MIL-DTL-83420 specifications and chain that meets RR-C-271 ratings.

Additionally, Delta Rigging & Tools provides custom chain manufacturing in specialty alloys – something you just can’t find easily – backed by Delta Rigging & Tools customer service, certifications and complete support after the sale.

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