McKissick® Roll-Forged™ Sheaves for the New Pacific and Atlantic Lock Complexes

Through an Authorized Crosby Distributor in Europe, Crosby® is pleased to supply several, 64.37in./1635mm diameter, roll-forged sheaves for a project concerning the Panama Canal Enlargement, known as ‘The Third Set of Locks Project’, commissioned by the Panama Canal Authority.

Six (6) chambers will each be equipped with 2 horizontal sliding gates. Each gate is powered by electric winches capable of opening the lock in 3 to 4 minutes. It is within these sliding gates that, 226 Crosby® sheaves, 64.37in./1635mm in diameter with a 1.81in./46mm wireline, will be used.

McKissick® Roll-Forged™ sheaves were chosen for this contract for a number of reasons.  They are lighter, stronger and more wear-resistant due to our roll-forged process.  Sheaves produced under this roll-forged method are more economical because less welding and machining are involved compared to conventional methods. These sheaves can be made lighter because the rolling process incorporates upsetting the sheave. The upsetting operation allows material to be gathered where needed, in order to support the rope, as opposed to starting with a thicker blank. Our sheaves are manufactured out of different materials in order to meet demanding requirements such as Charpy Impact Testing and rigorous hardness requirements in the groove. Crosby® is the only company who can manufacture a superior roll-forged sheave by the use of our proprietary upset roll-forged process.

Crosby McKissick® Products began manufacturing sheaves and blocks for the oilfield industry in the 1920’s and is now the largest supplier of aftermarket replacement sheaves for both land-based and offshore drilling companies. The McKissick® brand is recognized worldwide as a quality product that is designed specifically to withstand harsh applications.

To find out more about our McKissick Roll-Forged Sheaves contact The Crosby Group at (800) 797-4611 or

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