CONEXPO-CON/AGG Announces First-Ever Industry Technology Collaboration – Tech Talks Education Series Launches Feb. 4th

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is kicking off 2021 with an industry collaboration that focuses on the importance of technology in advancing the construction industry.

Registration for the February 4 event is open now. Dates and times of additional events and topics will be announced soon.  You can register at this link.

Under the banner of the largest construction trade show in North America, CONEXPO-CON/AGG Tech Talks are the only construction-focused live or on-demand educational opportunity for contractors to hear firsthand from the equipment industry experts.

The series will kick-off via livestream on February 4 at 12:30 PST/2:30 CST, with a behind-the-scenes look of the building of the Las Vegas underground people mover project. The free event is made possible by the sponsors, Caterpillar and Topcon. The February 4 event is the first of a three-part series on construction equipment technology.

The Las Vegas underground people mover project was named one of the Top Six Construction projects of 2020 by Construction Dive, and participants in the live session will learn how project leaders and designers approached the project and how tunnel technology is helping to complete the project faster and safer. Registrants will also get a first-hand look at how Tesla autonomous transport vehicles will be integrated.

Additional Technology Topics to Support Construction Contractor Education

Industry experts, like Jenny Krasny, Operational Risk Consultant with Caterpillar of Australia and Scott Brown, Managing Partner with Construction Technology Partners will bring their latest business advice to enhance tech adoption in the construction sector.

“One of the most underestimated features of technology is the breadth and depth of its reach – emotionally, culturally and physically,” said Krasny.

During the series, contractors will have the opportunity to learn how and why they will see a return on investment when growing their business.  

Brown added, “It is going to be vital for contractors to understand and adopt available technologies as the skilled labor gap increases, and increasingly tighter schedule and quality tolerances are expected at the same rates as many years ago.”

On-demand education will launch after the livestream event and includes:

  • Machine Control
  • Grade Control
  • Team Development
  • Cost Justification
  • Product Overviews

“Attendees at CONEXPO-CON/AGG count on the education we bring them to provide a real-world perspective of how they can grow their business,” said Brooke Konopacki, Director, Education Content at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, show sponsor for CONEXPO-CON/AGG. “This event will help contractors make an impact on their bottom line with technology they already own until we meet again in Las Vegas in 2023.”

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