Codipro-USA Reflects on their Fifth Anniversary


Earlier this year Codipro-USA marked five years in business. Codipro-USA was founded by Ben Cop in 2019. Shortly after, he uprooted his family from Belgium and moved to the United States. The growth of their Hoist Ring sales in five years has been tremendous and steady. Sales are up over 400% from where Codipro-USA started in 2019, they are making their mark on the rigging industry in North America.

Codipro-USA, based in Spring, TX, just North of Houston, moved operations from Pennsylvania to Texas in early 2021 to open a newer, larger warehouse. Part of the company’s success has been keeping a large stock of inventory on hand. When a customer needs a product right away, chances are very good that Codipro-USA has it.  The business also prides itself on acting quickly for their customers. Codipro-USA only sells their Host Rings through distribution. When a distributor contacts the company and requests a quote, typically they’ll receive a cost and data sheet for the Hoist Ring within the hour. The attention to detail and accessibility of not only their sales staff in Texas, but also their sales manager Jim Aujay has helped to grow their relationships with their distributor network.

Codipro-USA offers a full range of Hoist Rings in Metric and UNC sizes. Their initial focus in North America was in the Plastic Injection market and the Automotive sector. While still strong in that arena, they’ve since branched out into Heavy Lifting, Construction, Wind Energy, Space Exploration, and others. The company only makes Hoist Rings and their broad offering has something to offer any sector looking to lift safely.

Upon visiting with their distributors and end users, it became clear that Codipro Hoist Rings were needed to improve safety for users in the market. Often times they would visit plants and see Eye Bolts that were bent, and still being used. Offering them a safer alternative to lift became their main sales focus. Numerous times they were called out to a plant after an Eye Bolt broke. Safety always becomes more of an internal focus when someone is hurt or injured, and Codipro-USA has always been there to help, educate, and train them on proper lifting. The company is uniquely staffed to provide a factory representative to visit customers on site to evaluate practices and provide guidance directly to their users. Their footprint within the market began to grow based on their hands on approach.

The company’s main focus is to offer safety to all of its distributors and customers. How is this achieved? Both Ben Cop and Jim Aujay routinely visit distributors and users of Codipro Hoist Rings to offer training on how to properly use their hoist rings and how to avoid any minor or catastrophic accidents and injuries. While Codipro-USA doesn’t do inspections, they do train their distributors to properly inspect Codipro Hoist Rings and train users on what to look for before any lift is made, again focusing heavily on safety and proper lifting practices.

Codipro-USA not only offers a full line of Hoist Rings, they also have introduced industry leading innovation. Since their inception, they’ve introduced their Quick Lift Ring (QLR) and the Coditracer app.

The Quick Lift Ring is truly unique and Codipro is the first to bring this technology to the market.  The QLR is a Hoist Ring with retractable threads, you push the button on top, insert the Hoist Ring, let go of the button, and make your lift. It can be inserted and safely used, while being roughly 80% quicker than screwing in a standard Hoist Ring.

The Coditracer App is a platform based on blockchain technology that provides traceability of all raw materials used to make Codipro to ensure you are getting an actual Codipro Hoist Ring and not a knock off. Thru the App, you simply type in the serial number and you have access to that hoist ring’s Load Angle Chart, Certificate of Conformity, Data Sheet, Use Recommendations, and Inspection Guidelines. The user of the product has access to all the information related to that Hoist Ring at their fingertips. The innovation and constant R&D that Codipro brings truly provides an added layer of safety to the below-the-hook market.

The company has also always offered a wide variety of Special Hoist Rings. Ben Cop recognized the need to Codipro-USA to stock and cut Long Bolt Hoist Rings to prevent any intervention from the client that would lead to accidents and injuries. A safer workplace has always been the focus of Codipro-USA and will remain the main objective.  Too many times customers will attempt to alter their products, making them unsafe for use. Codipro-USA stocks a full range of Metric and UNC long bolt Hoist Rings that they cut to size based on the customer’s specs. The added safety of Hoist Rings being cut and certified in house again adds additional safety to the market that is critically needed.

The growth of Codipro-USA and the vision of offering safer Hoist Rings has been a cornerstone of Ben Cop’s vision within the North American market. Their close relationships with their distributors and users have led to many of their products being specified by name. The rigging industry can count on the unique safety measures that Codipro-USA consistently brings with each and every interaction. Their vision has proven to be a success – their products sell very well and customers are happy to improve their workplace. Codipro’s long-time motto, “Our Quality = Your Safety” has become increasingly important as more and more industries have made safety a major focus.  With Codipro-USA’s expansion, they will be adding new professionals to further develop their focus on putting distributors and users first with direct-from-factory support.

To learn more about Codipro-USA, visit their website at

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