CODIPRO revolutionizes the market with its new product range GRADUP

CODIPRO, the Luxembourg specialist of the swivel lifting rings, launches a new product range. It has been shown for the first time worldwide at AWRF in Minneapolis (USA), the reference exhibition in the lifting industry. The GRADUP range is a true revolution in the swivel lifting rings market. For the occasion, CODIPRO presented its new graphical charter, a virtual reality app and a new website!

This new product range is a true revolution born from a close collaboration between the CODIPRO’s technical teams and European research centers. As Christophe Losange, CODIPRO’s Director, said: “The GRADUP product range is state-of-the-art technology based on our criteria of: WLL, design, and competitiveness”. This new range is a major improvement on the products, particularly in the quality of the materials.


Steel quality is the most important feature of a swivel lifting ring. In the world of lifting, it is common to speak in terms of steel class or “grade”. This grade is the most optimal for a chain because the diameter of the chain combined with the material grade provides the lifting capacity. But it is not relevant for a multi-component lifting accessory like a swivel lifting ring.

These past few years competition has escalated between manufacturers as to who can offer the highest grade. Even lifting rings of grade 10, 12, 14, etc. have appeared on the market. But CODIPRO wishes to distance itself from this escalation which is almost solely based on marketing arguments. By creating the GRADUP brand, CODIPRO is offering breakthrough innovation.

The overall design of the medium is more refined and more up-to-date. “The whole visual identity is based on promoting our new product range, the GRADUP product range. There is even a new logo dedicated to it. We have also changed the CODIPRO logo. It is now in three colors with a clearly visible ring. We are now working more with shades of grey”, explains Pauline Piron, Marketing Coordinator.

CODIPRO now has a wide array of media: 3D video, new commercial brochure, 3D drawings of its rings, new catalogue, etc. “In the industrial sector and with our competitors, it is rare to find a company with such developed marketing”, says Pauline Piron.

A virtual reality app

In parallel to the launch of our new GRADUP range, CODIPRO has developed a virtual reality app. Through this GRADUP app, you can view the swivel lifting rings in the smallest detail and from all angles, without actually holding one in your hand.

A new website

The launch of the new GRADUP range was the perfect occasion for CODIPRO to update its website This new and fully redesigned version is modern, practical, comprehensive and user friendly.

The rings are still categorized by model (SEB, DSR, DSS, etc.), but CODIPRO has set up an advanced search system. Thus, the site recommends which ring to choose based on consumer’s criteria. “Our website had not been redesigned since 2010. We needed a clearer and more refined website, in line with the new GRADUP product range and current means of communication,” says Christophe Losange, Director of CODIPRO.

The GRADUP range will be launched in the beginning of 2018 and it is promising! CODIPRO, a Luxembourg company, really places itself as a world leader with this new product range.

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