Chinese Import of Wire Rod Increased YoY in Jan-Feb

Stainless Steel Wire and Bars .062″ and up – rapid manufacturing

According to industry statistics, in January to February, China’s exports of wire rod and its finished products hit 1314857.30 tonnes increasing by 19.82% over the same period of last year; while imports of that reached 94900.50 tonnes, an increase of 67.75% YoY. In the aspects of exports, steel wire total exports hit 259287.39 tonnes, down 3.40% YoY while total imports of that hit 27145.14 tonnes, up 40.29% YoY.

Among them, exports of common wire rod reached 2547.31 tonnes down 35.32%; hot rolled stainless steel wire rod was 19435.14 tonnes, up 82.54%; hot rolled alloy wire rod was 1292874.85 tonnes up 19.41%, all compared to the same period of last year. Among them, exports of common steel wire was 192999.15 tonnes down 4.99%; stainless steel wire was 10433.44 tonnes, up 21.88%; alloy steel wire was 55854.80 tonnes, down 1.53% all compared to the same period of last year.

Total exports of steel rope amounted to 141632.86 tonnes, representing an increase of 17.50% year on year. Among them, stranded wire rope exports increased by 18.18% to 139972.06 tonnes; other steel rope imports decreased by 20.67% to 1660.80 tones. As for imports, common wire rod imports reached 54094.42 tonnes up 60.21%; hot-rolled stainless wire rod was 6009.60 tonnes, down 12.20%; hot rolled alloy wire rod was 34796.48 tonnes, up 117.96%. Total imports of steel wire amounted to 132,117.22 tonnes, increasing by 7.68%. Among them, imports of common carbon steel wire was 12963.61 tonnes up 33.45%; stainless steel wire was 2977.01 tonnes, up 42.50%; alloy steel imports amounted to 11204.53 tonnes, up 48.48%.

Imports of steel rope reached 13538.05 tonnes, increasing by 39.14%; among them, stranded wire rope imports increased by 37.49% to 12047.34 tonnes; other steel rope imports decreased by 54.09% to 1490.71 tonnes., all compared to the same period of last year.

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