Chant Engineering and Talurit Unveil the T-LOC KIT

Talurit and Chant Engineering have unveiled a solution to the high-performance wire rope industry – The T-LOC™ KIT.

The Talurit T-LOC Kit is a cost-effective solution designed for all rotation-resistant wire ropes up to, and including, 2160-grade. The T-LOC Kit consists of three parts: the T-LOC steel ring, the aluminum T-ferrule, and the DIN 3091 solid thimble eye. The system has been tested with rotation-resistant wire ropes, class 35(W) x 7, and has been validated according to EN 13411-3. The tested constructions are 34(W) x K7 and 39(W) xK7-WSC, with a fill factor of 0.74-0.75.

The T-LOC Kit makes swaging high-performance wire rope safe, simple, and efficient. In a high-load application, a termination with a solid thimble and high-grade rope will want to split apart a regular aluminum ferrule under load. With the new T-LOC system, this is no longer a concern. The steel T-LOC ring is swaged in one operation with the aluminum ferrule and prevents any damage to the aluminum ferrule. Investment in new dies is not necessary, since the T-LOC can be swaged simultaneously with the T-ferrule and in the same press dies. Swaged together with the T-ferrule, T-LOC does not require any extra steps.

There is no surplus material after swaging and the T-LOC and T-ferrule are joined without a gap.

Only Talurit T-ferrules may be used together with T-LOC. The T-LOC Kit is available for wire rope diameter range 8 mm to 54.6 mm.

Chant Engineering Co., Inc., authorized North American Talurit Dealer, has partnered with Premier Wire Rope, who will now stock and sell the newly released T-LOC Kit, as well as other Talurit items, throughout North America.

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