Chant Engineering Adds Solar Energy System

Chant Engineering Co. Inc., a global testing machine manufacturing company, is proud to announce that its new 122 kilowatt (kW) roof-mounted solar energy system is now in operation. This is the largest system in Bucks County, PA funded by the Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Rebate Program. Mercury Solar Systems designed and installed the system and helped the Company secure Federal and State grants for the project.  Further financing was provided by Univest National Bank & Trust Co.

“Over the past several years we have implemented a number of initiatives to reduce our energy costs”, said Philip Chant, Vice-President. “A solar energy system was a natural progression for us as we look to achieve our mission of becoming a more efficient and sustainable business.”

The Company’s solar energy system consists of 512 solar panels and 2 inverters. It is expected to produce 131,868 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year, offsetting most of Chant’s annual electricity needs. Any excess is passed back into the electric grid. The system will save the equivalent of 3,200 gallons of crude oil every year.

“Chant Engineering has taken great strides to create a sustainable business and this solar system will take them one step closer to that goal,” said Andrew Kleeman, General Manager of Mercury Solar Systems Pennsylvania operation. “Similar to many local small to mid-sized businesses, the company was experiencing rising electricity costs, which they expect to minimize by going solar.”

Chant’s green conversion started in 2008 with the opening of a new headquarters in New Britain. The building was designed according to guidelines established by the U.S. Green Building Council. It uses the latest green technologies and construction techniques, including a high degree of thermal insulation, high efficiency lighting controlled by occupancy sensors and rainwater harvesting.

About Chant Engineering

Started in 1970, Chant Engineering is a global testing machine manufacturing company that designs, manufactures, services and calibrates testing machines and related equipment for worldwide industrial and military customers. For more information visit

About Mercury Solar Systems

Mercury Solar Systems is one of the East Coast’s leading solar integrators. The Company designs and installs solar electric and solar thermal energy systems for the commercial and residential marketplace and to date has installed over 1,000 solar systems totaling several million watts of energy. Mercury Solar Systems is a subsidiary of Mercury Energy, a leading provider of solar energy systems throughout the United States. For more information visit

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