CCO Mobile Crane Operator Written Exams Now Available in Spanish

In response to numerous industry requests to serve the growing Spanish-speaking construction labor force, and in light of its 20th anniversary commitment to refine and evolve its safety mission, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) is making its CCO Mobile Crane Operator written certification exams available in Spanish.

The Spanish-language CCO exams are direct translations of the English-language exams, based on identical content outlines and with the same number of questions. First to be made available are the mobile crane operator Core exam along with the Telescopic Boom Crane (Fixed Cab), Telescopic Boom Crane (Swing Cab), and Lattice Boom Crawler Crane Specialty exams. All load charts (Manitex Boom Truck, Grove Rough Terrain, and Manitowoc, respectively) are also provided in Spanish.

Bilingual Expert Panel

Publication of the Spanish-language CCO exams marks over two years of development work by NCCCO’s Spanish Technical Review Group. This panel of bilingual crane experts assisted in the process of crafting the language to ensure only “operator terminology” was used and was careful to follow international standards on the process of translating certification exams. Consequently, all exams have the same level of difficulty and competencies as their CCO English language counterparts. “NCCCO is committed to maintaining the same standard for all its candidates, whether they are English-speaking or Spanish-speaking,” noted NCCCO Director of Operations and Program Development, Joel Oliva. “We are confident that the new exams provide a level playing field for candidates for whom English is not their first language.” The equivalency of the two sets of exams had been validated by numerous pilot tests over the past two years, Oliva added.

Assists with OSHA Compliance

The new Spanish-language exams are likely to provide valuable assistance to employers desiring to ensure their Spanish-speaking operators meet the OSHA 1926 CFR Subpart CC requirement.

The OSHA crane rule allows for tests to be administered in any language the operator candidate understands, but it requires the certification card indicate the language the test was given in. The employer must also provide the operator with operating manuals written in the language of the certification, and all onsite communication has to be understood by all parties.

Spanish-language CCO exams are currently available in a traditional paper-and-pencil format, but work is already underway to develop computer-based versions of the tests. NCCCO is no stranger to providing translations of its examinations. CCO Mobile Crane Operator exams have been successfully translated and administered in Portuguese for the Brazilian market, and Rigger certification in Mandarin has been available for some time.

Click here for further information on Spanish-language CCO exams.

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