Busy Spring For IMCA With An Extensive Seminar And Workshop Program

During 2016 the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) announced it had changed its seminar strategy, replacing the traditional large annual event with a series of highly focused technicalseminars. These proved very successful, and a commitment was made to build on this strategy in 2017. This has resulted in seven events being scheduled for Spring 2017.

Our niche events are tailored to tackle specific topics, bringing together subject matter specialists to discuss solutions to industry issues,” explains Richard Benzie, IMCA’s technical Director.

The Spring 2017 events will be held in London, Stavanger and Amsterdam. Four of the seven events relate to IMCA core or technical committees, with the other three dealing with IMCA’s eCMID vessel inspection system: 

·         IMCA Contracts & Insurance Seminar, Thursday 25 May, London, UK

·         IMCA ROV Seminar, Tuesday 30 – Wednesday 31 May, Stavanger, Norway

·         IMCA Marine Seminar, Wednesday 14 -Thursday 15 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

·         IMCA Lifting & Rigging Seminar (formerly Rope Forum), Wednesday 14 June, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Additionally, the inaugural eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors Conference will be held. This is organised by the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) with strong support from IMCA and its Technical team.

·         eCMID AVI Conference, Tuesday 25 April, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

IMCA is also holding two eCMID Workshops in Spring 2017, in conjunction with its programme of technical seminars:

·         Wednesday 31 May – Stavanger, Norway

·         Thursday 15 June – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

These are in addition to eCMID AVI workshops run by the IIMS, who partner with IMCA to deliver the AVI scheme.

Outline information on all the events is available on the IMCA website at www.imca-int.com with full programmes available shortly.

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