Bridon Partners with DOT Conferences

Bridon, the world leading manufacturers of specialist wire and rope solutions, has partnered with the Deep Offshore Technology (DOT) International Conference and Exhibition in a move to promote its pioneering technologies in subsea and decommissioning projects to the niche offshore industry worldwide.

The DOT conferences, due to be held in Houston and Amsterdam from 2nd to 4th February and 30th November to 2nd December respectively, provides the best platform for industry leaders to address technical issues, introduce new technology and share lessons learned about finding, developing and producing Oil and Gas in deepwater and ultra-deepwater regions around the world.

Bridon’s association as a sponsor for this year’s DOT conferences are part of its commitment to invest in industry forums such as this, to discuss technological innovations and solutions with the most influential decision makers in the offshore exploration and production industry.

David Ward, General Manager for Bridon’s Oil and Gas sector, said, “In the wake of the current economic climate, associating with high profile events like the DOT provides a platform to elevate Bridon’s business opportunity and continue to develop wire and rope solutions to meet exacting deepwater needs and specifications.

“With offshore exploration going ever deeper, the availability of specialist services and innovative technologies capable of operating in deeper water depths and more extreme conditions becomes a crucial issue.

“Although there was a widely reported plateau in market conditions over the past year, 2009 was an excellent year for Bridon with a high level of demand in the more innovative solutions to aid in reliability and extend rig and vessel service lives. We have led the way in products such as high performance crane ropes and helped improve lifetime performance by using plastic cores and plastic impregnated (PI) support. Our high tech fibre ropes are now fulfilling the requirements of the ultra-deep offshore locations.

In November 2009, Bridon appointed a new CEO, Jonathan Templeman, to steer its growth strategy and strengthen the company’s position worldwide.

Undertaking the role of overseeing Bridon’s global operations, Jonathan said, “With our presence in Aberdeen, there is great opportunity to expand business further into the subsea oil and gas sector, as lessons learned in the North Sea can be used to leverage on projects worldwide. Moreover, since we work across industry sectors like mining, structural, fishing, industrial and wire, product performance data from these markets can help identify potentially transferable benefits to the offshore sector as well.

“Deep shaft mining, for example, experiences some of the same challenges that deepwater exploration and production commonly face. Rope technologies used therein can be tested and applied to deepwater projects, thus continuing to excel in product innovation, service assistance and experience based support, which Bridon is strongly committed towards.”

Bridon’s blue chip client base includes the global oil majors, international marine and drilling contractors, supported by an extensive network of distribution partners.

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