Bridon Incorporates Energy Saving Technology at Wire Mill

Bridon Wire Agitation TankIntelligent, energy-saving blower technology has been installed by Thorite to agitate the rinse tanks at Bridon International’s Doncaster wire mill more efficiently. Working closely with Bridon International’s Environmental Manager Lucy Smith, Thorite’s engineering team developed a system which slashes energy requirements to such an extent that it will pay for itself in well under 12 months.

Blown air is piped to agitate the water in rinse tanks which wash away residual acids and coatings on steel wire rod after dipping. Bridon International, the global technology leader in the manufacture of steel wire and fibre rope solutions, previously used compressed air at 6bar to carry out this process, but the new system requires only 0.2bar to achieve the same results.

The system comprises a Becker variable speed side channel blower and control panel, Bonomi piloted, actuated, PVC ball valves with marine coatings to protect against the corrosive environment, plus all necessary pipework and electrical installations.

In addition, the system is programmed for the blower only to operate when it is required, by means of positional limit switches. These enable the system to shut itself down during breaks and production pauses, which results in major energy and cash savings.

Speaking of the new system Clive Halliday, Thorite’s Process and Vacuum Manager said: “This has been a very interesting system design operation that delivers really worthwhile savings with no compromise in performance. We’ve enjoyed working with Lucy Smith who has provided an enthusiastic driving force to help bring the project to a successful conclusion.”

Lucy Smith, Bridon International’s Environmental Manager said: “In order to produce the world’s most innovative ropes, Bridon requires the very best in advanced and efficient technology. The installation of the energy-saving systems that Thorite has provided to enhance this step in the production line will play a role in helping Bridon maintain and develop its technology leadership position across its key markets.”

Full details of the advanced range of Becker blowers and Bonomi pneumatically actuated valves are available from Thorite online.

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