Bridon Demonstrates How to Reduce Operating Costs

With oil prices tumbling and commodity yields still fragile there has never been a better time to consider the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP challenge from Bridon, a global technology leader.

Bridon is helping its customers to reduce valuable downtime and improve productivity thanks to the benefits of its world leading wire and fibre rope technology. One such product is Bridon’s Dyform Bristar. Specifically engineered for the exploration and drilling sector, Dyform Bristar utilises Bridon’s unique Bristar core technology to deliver market leading performance. Through sample analysis testing Bridon has enabled operators increase their Drilling Line performance beyond of the Ton Mile goals stated in API Standards. 

Bridon has also worked closely with operators to maximise Ton Cycle performance of Marine Riser Tensioner ropes, helping to reduce costly maintenance downtime.

Another cost saving product is Bridon’s Dyform Bristar Tiger Blue, which was engineered to increase profitability and provide a superior service life in tough mining conditions. Providing game changing, field proven results, Dyform Bristar is proving that businesses can reduce the total cost of rope operating costs thanks to its revolutionary core design, increased performance and cutting edge technology. This is just one of the innovative Bridon product families which are reducing business down time thanks to its increased service life.

The Bridon Technology Centre, one of the globes most advanced facilities for the development and testing of offshore ropes, gives Bridon the capacity to produce highly engineered ropes boasting enhanced breaking loads, optimised bend fatigue performance, effective lubrication, and minimal rotation under load, cementing its position as the global technology leader in the rope market. The mission at the Bridon technology centre is to research and test to understand the complexities of the ropes from the material properties to the load bearing capabilities with the aim of delivering products with a longer working life.

Products, such as Bridon’s Tiger Dyform 24LS Hoist Rope, have saved an African mining company thousands of pounds by reducing downtime by ten days. The company installed two 900 metre ropes which have outperformed any other products by five times. Each rope replacement takes two days to install resulting in a massive TEN days downtime. 

The Tiger Dyform 24LS Hoist Rope is engineered to provide the lowest cost per tonnes hoisted and ensure superior service life. The product has excellent wear and fatigue values and an unrivalled service life with increased cycle count.

Deep shaft mining companies across America have also seen improvements thanks to switching to Bridon ropes.  Improvements in service life combined with the product’s ability to lift heavier loads have impressed in the states and have seen Bridon nominated the preferred supplier across a number of mines.

Bridon is confident that it can rise to any challenge to help any business to reduce costs and downtown today. 

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