ASME B30 Releases New Volumes

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) develops codes and standards under procedures accredited as meeting the criteria of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

As living documents, these codes and standards are constantly revised to reflect new developments and technical advances. Each year there are numerous updates and changes resulting in newly published ASME standards utilized daily by professionals.

The ASME B30 Committee, influencing the crane and rigging industry, is the Safety Standards Committee for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings.

The following list describes the released volumes for 2010, and the projections for 2011 (each volume is linked to a detail page on the ITI Bookstore):

2010 Released Publications

B30.4 Portal, Tower, Pedestal Cranes

B30.8 Floating Cranes/Floating Derricks

B30.11 Monorails & Underhung Cranes

B30.20 Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices

B30.26 Rigging Hardware

Publications projected for release in 2011

B30.2 Overhead Cranes

B30.5 Mobile & Locomotive Cranes

B30.7 Base Mounted Drum Hoists

B30.23 Personnel Lifting Systems

Industrial Training International, through the ITI Bookstore, maintains these updated volumes as it strives to provide current information to its customers.  Visit the Bookstore online to learn more about these volumes.

Lastly, to retrieve a complete list of all of the B30 Volume and their status, visit the ITI Crane & Rigging LibraryASME B30 Standards Committee Publication Status (August 2010).

Information supplied by Industrial Training International, Carol Winten, (888) 567-8472,

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