Arborist Sources Shackles from FAD Equipment Store

Arborist Adaptable Aerial Solutions LLC has added two 18-ton capacity Crosby G2140 shackles to its inventory—sourced from FAD Equipment

The purchase was made by Steve Connally, the owner of Adaptable (or Craneva, as it is known after the website name). An arborist of 25 years, Connally utilizes a variety of rigging gear and tools, usually with his iconic Palfinger knuckle-boom crane.

The Crosby G2140 alloy bolt type shackles, available in capacities from 2 tons to 175 tons, add greater strength to weight ratio to Craneva’s pruning or felling applications, versus 13 ton and 15 ton capacity shackles already in the toolbox. The new shackles will be used with a 26,000-lb. capacity Crosby Straightpoint Radiolink plus load cell. Connally also uses a 60kN capacity load pin from the same manufacturer.

Connally said: “I wanted to move to a nutted and pinned set-up for safety, and the reduction in weight was appealing. The nut and pin allows an additional safety aspect that is critical in my line of work. The streamlined set-up and the additional level of safety is worth it on any project. The shackles were supplied with bolt, nut and cotter pin.”

He highlighted other features, including similarity to the G2130 version but superior alloy steel construction means maximum capacity versus physical size. The anchor bow style accommodates loads or pulls from multiple angles, ideal for installations where the load may slide causing the pin to rotate. All sizes are individually proof loaded to two times working load limit.

Connally is a leader in his field. He is a National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) certified crane operator and has been using cranes in arboreal applications for 25 years. Additionally, he and the team are fully trained in arborist rigging and technical rescue rigging operations. Connally is also an instructor at the Crane Safety Climber School, a class for arborists working with cranes for tree work.

He added: “[FAD Equipment Store] is comprehensive; it has an excellent inventory at reasonable prices. The ordering and shipping process was efficient and timely. I would consider future purchases, including chain bridals and lifting slings, which are integral to our work.”

Arborists and other end users can browse a range of material handling, height safety and other products at

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