AMH Offers Easy Access Product History and Test Certification

Complying with OSHA standards and requirements related to workplace safety concerns can save lives, improve workplace safety and improve productivity.  However, to know the full life of a product can be a challenge.
Since early 2005, All Material Handling (AMH) has been developing a web-based database for documenting lifting equipment test data.  All Material Handling has currently released this database for use by any AMH distributor qualified for servicing AMH product.  The system is capable of storing and retrieving test data by serial number of lifting equipment. Not only is the data stored in the web-based database but also as it is entered a corresponding test certification can be printed for the end users records. AMH’s system offers three choices of test type depending on the extent of testing required.
AMH bulletin SB004, as referenced during data entry, explains each test type and when to apply.  Each test certificate includes a checklist of what was inspected.  The test certificate is easily customized to the distributor utilizing the company name and logo associated with the user who enters the data.

Example of Certificate

See the example of a test certificate by AMH with logo.  The database is secure, allowing search and retrieval of test data and test certificates for future reference.  The database also allows retrieval of original factory data and certificate for any new product as it was originally tested.
The AMH test certification and database are designed to meet AMH’s interpretation of ASME30.21 for manually operated lever hoist and ASME B30.16 for all underhung hoist.  Much of these standards are mirrored to OSHA requirements.
This service is available free of charge to AMH servicing distributors for use with AMH product.  However, the database is not limited to AMH products, the database is designed to accept any brand product entered by any user that AMH has authorized access.
AMH is considering offering the database to customers that do their own maintenance as a secure way to record and maintain test records.  The availability and compilation of data would be a desirable solution for meeting OSHA requirements for hoisting equipment.
Currently, an authorized user can go to the AMH website and search a serial number to access all test records entered and sorted by date.  To further simplify use, authorized users may only be able to access data that has been entered by their company or group.
Test history will be available on the AMH web site without relying on high tech RF chips and associated equipment to read and software to manage the data. For the technology hungry, it may be easy to access AMH’s database of test records at any location in the workplace through an Internet connected laptop, PDA or “smart” phone.
For more information, go to the AMH website ( under the “Literature” tab to access more informative documents available for download; product manuals, catalogs, fliers, competitive information and evaluations, bulletins for service, procedures and instructions, all made available based on the user type inquiring.

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