Ace World Companies Raises Profile on Social Media

Ace World Companies will support its high profile marketing and advertising strategy with a revitalized social media presence having relaunched Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts in advance of publication of the crane and hoist manufacturer’s first blog later this month (April).

The company, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, implemented a content marketing campaign at the turn of the year, to educate and inform target audiences through written articles, in support of long-running advertisement campaigns across a variety of print and digital media. Invigorated efforts on social media will further raise the profile of a company widely accepted to have the most effective marketing department in the overhead crane and hoist business.

Camron Ghanemi, vice president of Ace World Companies, said: “My outlook on marketing has always been that it is vital to the sustainable success of a business. It starts with your vision of what you want to do, who you want to engage and how you want them to respond or react to the information you give them.”

Camron’s father, Ace, who is president of the company, founded the business in 1987 when he turned his garage into the firm’s first workshop. Now, headquarters is a 100,000 square foot site in Fort Worth, Texas coupled with a slightly smaller facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, which opened five years ago to increase crane building capacity and serve as storage for the Advantage range of products.

The cornerstone of that growth has been an aggressive marketing strategy and high visibility in the crane industry and throughout end user communities.

“My father and I both believe in the power of marketing,” said Camron. “In short, I’m a marketing guy. Most people in my position in a family business in this industry come from an engineering background. My background is marketing and finance—that’s what I migrate towards.”

The new social media campaign will be led by daily posts on the company’s Twitter account—@AceWorldCompany—which welcomed over 250 followers in the first week of the relaunch. Content will regularly be posted to Ace’s Facebook page, while other messages will be communicated to a growing network of connections on LinkedIn.

Camron, who will write his first blog for publication towards the end of the month, said: “We always position our marketing to have the highest possible impact on our target audiences. Furthermore, we add value to those efforts by informing and entertaining our partners, existing and prospective clients through innovative solutions, dynamic design and quality information. Our renewed efforts on social media go hand in glove with that activity as our audiences evolve and congregate in an ever-changing environment.”

Ace provides overhead bridge cranes, overhead gantry cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, crane kits and end trucks. Visit the website at; follow them on Twitter @AceWorldCompany

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