Ace Launches New Websites for Custom and Standard Products

Ace World Companies has launched two new websites, tailored to the target markets of its custom-built overhead crane business and the Advantage Hoist division, which provides standard hoists and other products to distributors and end users.

The company, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, is a specialist in the design and manufacture of bespoke lifting solutions for some of North America’s most demanding steel, marine, oil, gas, and many more applications. In 2010 it opened a second facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, to increase crane building capacity but also serve as a warehouse for a new Advantage line of products, including electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, end trucks and crane kits.

Independent websites did already exist but content on the new sites— and—has been honed to meet the specific requirements of the two different audiences, while forming a focal point for the company’s renewed social media and other marketing efforts.

Camron Ghanemi, the vice president of Ace World Companies, said: “The launch of the websites is a landmark moment in the company’s history and one that reflects our increased content marketing and social media presence in the crane industry and the end user markets where our products are used. Not only do both sites look fantastic and offer a series of improvements and enhancements, they are high functioning and tailored to the audiences that will visit and navigate them using a variety of online formats in ever-increasing numbers.”

Ghanemi explained that the Advantage line of products will still be referenced on the main website but all interest will be diverted to There, Ace will cater for the e-commerce market with a shopping cart function, while registered dealers can access a distributor area where they apply discount codes before ordering products.

Ghanemi said: “The new Advantage Hoist website represents the continuation of a journey that started in 2009. We didn’t have a packaged hoist and we wanted to access the commodity market and associate an Ace brand with the 5 to 10 ton monorail market. We have been very successful but the new site is even easier to navigate and incorporates a fully-functioning e-commerce facility. We are setting an industry standard in online engagement with our distributors and other customers.”

Both websites have been designed with technological development in mind so visitors get the same online experience whether they are on a laptop, smartphone or other mobile device. References to social media accounts and other content marketing materials will be prevalent throughout both websites. Follow Ace World Companies on Twitter @AceWorldCompany.

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