Ace Launches New Advantage Hoist and Jib Crane Range

Ace World Companies has unveiled a new low headroom Advantage hoist and revealed plans to add jib cranes to the range from next month (March).

The overhead crane and hoist manufacturer provides custom, high capacity equipment for steel, power, marine and other industries, while meeting demand for hoists and standard equipment with its Advantage range.

Ace already offered the popular Advantage hoist up to 10-ton capacity, but a new and improved version is particularly suited to low headroom applications. The new jib crane range, meanwhile, includes wall-mounted and portable versions in capacities up to 5 tons.

Camron Ghanemi, vice president, Ace World Companies, said: “This expansion of our low capacity, standard line of lifting equipment gives end users a comprehensive portfolio of Advantage products that can be applied to their varied material handling requirements, where cost-effective but efficient solutions are required.”

Ghanemi envisages increased demand from industrial lifting applications where headroom space is limited and demanding environments where longer hook travel aids operation. The hoists, available in chain and wire rope versions, can be supplied with the new jib cranes for workstations and other production or manufacturing applications.

Advantage electric chain hoists range from 1 ton to 5 ton capacities and come complete with a chain bag and four-button pendant. All units come standard with a mechanical load brake and undergo rigorous testing. Different speeds and lifts are available, as well as motorized trolleys and lug mount kits. All chain hoists come with chain bag, standard hook mount and require a three-phase power supply.

Ace also offers standard monorail and top running wire rope hoists up to 10-ton capacity, typically utilized in construction applications. Higher capacity units are available upon request.

Ghanemi added: “Much fanfare has greeted the new Advantage hoists and we’ve already received interest in the jib cranes, both with and without hoist units, which will be available from March 1st. The Advantage range is becoming synonymous with safe, efficient and durable low-capacity lifting equipment, and enhancements to the range will lead to even greater uptake from existing and new customers.”

Advantage Hoist is supported by an experienced team of engineers, which operates at a world-class crane manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas, offering electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists, end trucks and crane kits.

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