A CDL Benefit You May NOT Know: How A CDL Can Make Flying Easier

CDL Benefit

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Getting a trucking CDL can provide a lot of benefits for a hauler – you get access to bigger, better-paying loads, “job security” feels more secure, and it gives you a marketable edge as you took the time and commitment to learn or add onto your industry’s skills. However, those who also have their Hazardous Materials Endorsement (HME) have a new, exciting benefit they may not even be aware of!

Any qualifying HME holders may be eligible for TSA Pre-Checks at no additional costs or extra enrollment, according to the Transportation Security Administration (tsa.gov)! The TSA identified efficiencies across the two vetting programs that eliminates redundancies between Hazardous Material Endorsements and Pre-Check Qualifications; according to the TSA, the “HME Threat Assessment Program has a regulated vetting program that requires the TSA to conduct a Security Threat Assessment (STA) to determine if an individual requiring specific transportation-related access poses a threat to nation or transportation security.” For TSA Pre-Check members, there is similar security and threat assessment done before one is approved for expedited security screenings.

So many HME holders already meet the criteria for the TSA Pre-Check Application Program and may have no idea!

The process that goes into getting these CDL endorsements isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is lengthy. If you’re a trucker interested in expanding your cargo types to include hazardous material, keep reading and follow the five steps below to get started:

Step 1: Meet All Endorsement Requirements

The first step to getting any specialized CDL endorsement is to ensure you meet all of the requirements beforehand. For Hazardous Material, these requirements include: 1) Being at least 21 years old., 2) Having a valid CDL or CDL Permit, 3) Proof of Identification (Passport, Birth Certificate, U.S. Citizenship Certificate), and 4) Have a medical examiner’s certificate (MEC), or a DOT medical card.

Step 2: Fill Application Out

If you fit all the requirements necessary to begin the process, next you must fill out the online HazMat endorsement form from the TSA’s Universal Enrollment website.

This application operates the same way as a background check, so have all paperwork and documentation ready during this application process. However, if you’re in the following states you must check with a local DMV about this process in order to begin this process: Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Step 3: Go To An Application Center

Once you’ve completed the application form and it’s been submitted, you next need to look up and find the nearest Transportation Security Administration (TSA) application center and schedule an appointment.

At your appointment, you will need to Bring the two required documentation from Step 1 and a hard copy of your application from Step 2, Get fingerprinted, and if necessary, pay a fee for the endorsement (will be valid for up to five years)

Step 4: Wait For Application Update

Now is the hardest step in any process: waiting. It can take up to two months to hear back about an application, so be patient. If you submitted the application online, you may be able to check the status of it through the same TSA website.

Once your application has been approved, print it out. If you find your application was rejected, you do have the chance to appeal it.

Step 5: Visit Local DMV

With your printed-out accepted application and the two identification documents from Step 1, you can finally go to your local DMV to take the CDL HazMat test. For this test, study the hazardous materials section in your CDL manual.

If you complete all these steps then congratulations! You will soon be the owner of HME and, as a result, are eligible for the TSA Pre-Check application as well.

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