600 LudwigHooks Have Been Implemented on Jobsites Across North America, Saving Contractors Thousands in Operational Costs


OTH Pioneer Rigging has reached a milestone of 600 remote-controlled LudwigHooks at work just two years after introducing the hooks to North America. The hooks have been implemented by 130 users in 40 states across a variety of industries including Steel Erection, Wood Construction, Metal Building System Installation, Ports & Terminals, and Overhead Manufacturing.

The LudwigHooks were designed by a logger in Germany and were known for being compact, extremely durable and versatile. Each hook weighs only six pounds and was built to withstand harsh outdoor environments without needing to be charged at the end of each work day. “When I decided to bring the lifting solution to North America in 2021, my business partner and I went on a 10,000-mile tour across the country with a truck and trailer to demonstrate the benefits of using a quick release hook,” said Oliver Gleize, President of OTH Pioneer Rigging. “We had the opportunity to meet business owners and field personnel that were looking for a new and efficient way of doing everyday tasks and the response we got was incredible.”

LudwigHooksWhen using a traditional method, it takes up to five minutes to release rigging from the load and make it available for the next lift. This step alone costs contractors between $30,000-$100,000 for each crew in one year. “On average, crews that have implemented LudwigHooks are eliminating 150 hours each year simply by cutting the time it takes to release the load. Based on customer feedback, this translates to $1,900 per week and users typically see a return on the investment in 10 weeks,” said Gleize.

The hooks are versatile and can be used in more than 30 different lifting applications. Available in two models, one individual LudwigHook has a working load limit of 4,400 lbs., and one XL hook is rated for 11,600 lbs. The hooks can be used in a choker configuration with wire ropes or nylon slings, any kind of basket hitch, and with spreader bars or lifting frames. When using a basket configuration, the lifting capacity of the system doubles. Users can synchronize an unlimited number of hooks on the same remote, in any combination, to achieve scalable lifting capacity. Check out this short video to see how an erector uses 10 LudwigHooks at the same time to release panelized joists with the company’s custom lifting frame.

“As two entrepreneurs, we are very proud to have our hooks being used on jobsites across North America,” said Gleize. “We started from nothing just two years ago, but now our goal is to have 10,000 hooks in use by 2030!”

About OTH Pioneer Rigging

OTH Pioneer Rigging offers a game-changing quick release hook that makes lifting faster and safer for ironworkers, carpenters, riggers, and other site personnel. This versatile hook is light, and durable, with a customizable setup for any lifting application at any site or even off the grid. OTH Pioneer Rigging has permanent customer service for North American users and provides 24-hour shipping on spare parts to any job site within the U.S. and Canada. Request a free trial today. Learn more at OTHRigging.com

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