501 Workers with NCCER International Credentials Participate in the U-200 Turnaround

A total of 501 workers with NCCER international credentials participated in the U‑200 turnaround, led by the Turnaround Alliance Consortium, at the Barrancabermeja refinery.

The NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) is a U.S. company that offers a standardized training and credentialing program for the industry worldwide, and is committed to building a safe, productive and sustainable workforce of trade professionals.

This is the first time since the Social Partnership’s Human Talent Development program was launched that such a large number of NCCER-certified workers have participated in a turnaround. The results are evident in the good HSE practices that help reduce occupational accidents and compliance with scheduled execution times.

The International Standards Certification program is implemented through an Ecopetrol and SENA partnership and, in the last year, it has been joined by the companies leading the refinery turnarounds: the consortiums, Turnaround Alliance and OBTC. Its aim is to comprehensively train qualified and certified individuals in various fields under the international standards for oil and other industries, so that they can be highly competitive.

In 2013, SENA (National Learning Service) in Barrancabermeja became the first organization both in the country and in Latin America to obtain this credential, which enables it to certify oil port workers in skills for the international industry.

Barrancabermeja refinery manager Orlando Díaz Montoya affirms that Ecopetrol remains committed to this process, which is aimed at producing a true transformation among the people by strengthening workers’ skills so that they will have more job opportunities nationally and internationally.

The experience has helped increase the percentage of participation of certified workers connected with Barrancabermeja refinery contractors at the turnarounds, and has also helped other certified workers to find job opportunities in other regions such as Cartagena and Meta, as well as abroad, in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Peru.

To date there are a total of 3,876 workers involved in this process, at different levels and status based on the U.S. model.



David Alexander Tovar Beltrán, welder

“I thank Ecopetrol and Turnarounds for giving us the opportunity of working here in Barrancabermeja. At SENA they provide us with training in international standards and certificates in welding and HSE. I’m currently taking the Core Curriculum in international standards.”

Israel Rodelo, insulator

“It’s been very beneficial for me and my family to be working at this turnaround. I’ve been trained at SENA and at World Class Talent; I am working on Thermal Insulating Level 2 in international standards. You need to be willing and able to train and study in order to achieve the goals you set in your work at the refinery. That’s why I really thank Ecopetrol both for the job and for the training provided to us through SENA and World Class Talent.’’

Pablo Eduardo Galván, Turnarounds boilermaker

‘’I’ve been trained by SENA and the courses offered by World Class Talent to be a world-class worker. I am currently getting my certification, I’ve already passed the international standards in , Ironworking 1 and Boilermaking 1 and now we are waiting on Boilermaking 2.’’



Barrancabermeja, September 21, 2015
Ecopetrol is the largest company in Colombia and an integrated company in the oil industry, ranked among the top 40 oil companies and the four main oil companies of Latin America. Apart from Colombia, where it generates more than 60% of national production, it is also present in exploration and production activities in Brazil, Peru and the United States (Gulf of Mexico). Ecopetrol owns the largest oil refinery in Colombia and most of the network of oil and multi-purpose pipelines in the country , and it is significantly growing its involvement in biofuels.

This release contains statements related to Ecopetrol’s business prospects, estimates for operational and financial results and statements related to Ecopetrol’s prospects for growth. All are projections and, as such, are exclusively based on the executives’ expectations in connection with the future of the company and its continuous access to capital to finance the company’s business plan. Future accomplishment of these goals depends on the behavior of market conditions, regulations, competition, Colombian economic and industrial performance, among other factors. Therefore, they are subject to change without notice.


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