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Manufacturer Of Custom Designed Cable (Wire Rope) Assemblies, Lanyards & Slings; Wire Rope, Fittings, Related Products That Include Wire Rope Clips, Lifting Eye Bolts & Nuts, Aircraft & Marine Eyes & Forks, Snap Hooks, Oval Swage Sleeves (Copper, Stainless & Aluminum), Quick-Links, Rings, Trigger Snaps, Shackles, Shank Balls, Snaps, Stake Eyes, Stop Sleeves, Swivel Eyes, Swivel Shackles, Thimbles, Bolt Snaps, Pad Eyes,Turnbuckles. Swaging Tools & Wire Rope, Chain and Cutters. U.S. Rigging Supply has been successfully manufacturing wire rope assemblies for over 30 years. We are specialists who have produced assemblies for countless applications. Our shop is equipped to handle the simple or the complex, from 1/32” to 1/2" wire rope. Our testing and quality control has been surveyed and approved by the U.S. Department of Defense, aerospace contractors and commercial OEMs throughout the United States.

Type Qty Description Price Lister Zone View
Links 300   G-100 Connecting Link -... $21.78 US Rigging and Supply CA
Links 339   G-100 Connecting Link... $13.23 US Rigging and Supply CA
Hooks 134   X-950-10 YOKE Grade 100... 29.76 US Rigging and Supply CA
Hooks 50   X-0421-16 YOKE Grade 100... 32.80 US Rigging and Supply CA
Links 300   X-015-20 YOKE Grade 100... 21.78 US Rigging and Supply CA
Links 339   X-015-16 YOKE Grade 100... 13.23 US Rigging and Supply CA
Clips 537   8-0573-01 YOKE Grade 80... 5.25 US Rigging and Supply CA


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