Brown & Perkins, Inc.

Brown & Perkins, Inc. has been in the wire rope business for over 40 years, supplying wire rope, slings, assemblies, fittings, and hardware to the construction, marine, and other industries. We offer a full range of products to fit all of your company’s applications. We stock domestic wire ropes, imported wire ropes, synthetic ropes, manila ropes, lashing ropes, seizing wire, and chain. Our machine shop can produce a full range of assemblies including hand spliced and mechanically spliced slings. In addition, we stock and can provide a full range of rigging hardware, fittings, and accessories. Brown and Perkins is a distributor of products for the industry’s leading manufacturers: ACCO-Peerless, AISCO, Bridon America, Chicago, Cooper, Crosby Esco, Gunnebo Johnson, Liftex, Lift-All, Newco, Wireco, Williamsport Wire Rope, Winne Contact our sales department for price and availability of items. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to serve your business.

Type Qty Description Price Lister Zone View
Sockets 47   2-1/4 inch Closed... 190.50/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ
Sockets 17   2-1/4 inch Open spelter... 346.75/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ
Shackles 950   5/8 inch Galv. Lashing... .99/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ
Shackles 672   1/2 inch Galv. Lashing... .35/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ
Sockets 1   1-3/4 Inch Closed Swage... 284.50/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ
Sockets 2   1 in. closed spelter... 40.00/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ
Hooks 100   1/2 s.c. eye slip hook,... 3.40/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ
Clips 500   3/4 inch drop forged... .75/each Brown & Perkins, Inc. NJ


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