Talurit privately owned and established in 1948, the company was built on a patented solution for mechanical splicing of wire ropes. Talurit has pioneered in this field, developing effective methods and equipment for mechanical splicing ever since. Our company owns trademarks like TALURIT, ULTRAGRIP, KONIT, HEXLOC and TALUGRIP in most countries around the world. Other known brands are TALUKON and T-LOC.

Type Qty Description Price Lister Zone View
Equipment 50   Dies for swagers Dies... POR 1 TALURIT
Equipment 1   2000T TALURIT PRESS -... POR 1 TALURIT
Equipment 1   150T Test Bed... POR1 TALURIT
Equipment 1   marking machine MM120... POR1 TALURIT
Equipment 1   50T test bed... POR1 TALURIT


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