Mazzella Lifting Technologies

At Mazzella Lifting Technologies, we provide great lifting solutions. We offer all styles of slings, cranes, hoists, engineered lifting devices along with the training and in field inspection and repair services that support our products. Some of the major market segments we serve are: Steel, Construction, Energy, Vehicle and Durable Goods. Since our founding almost 60 years ago, the Mazzella brand has been uncompromising. Our purpose is to instill confidence and comfort in every customer interaction. What does that mean? It means that we provide reliable products and services, a highly responsive, knowledgeable team to support our offerings and the training to help ensure compliance of OSHA and ASME standards. That's what you can expect from us and that's what we expect from ourselves.

Type Qty Description Price Lister Zone View
Millimeter Wire Rope 4710 ft   25MM DYFORM 34 LR 2160... 4.75 Mazzella Lifting Technologies OH
9/16" 882   9/16' 7-FLEX IWRC RRL... 1.35 Mazzella Lifting Technologies OH
3/4" 2500 ft   3/4" 7X31 FLEX-X 7 CC... 2.45 Mazzella Lifting Technologies OH
1" 21   1" 6X25 IWRC GALV WHITE... 700 Mazzella Lifting Technologies OH
5/16" 26215 FT   5/16' 6 X 25 SEALE FC... .35 per foot Mazzella Lifting Technologies OH


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