Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB) was founded in 1969 as the first independent agency accredited by the US Department of Labor to provide third-party inspection and certification of equipment for the crane and lifting industry. The objective of CICB’s Rigger Training Programs is to vividly impress upon the students the necessity for safety in all aspects of rigging operations and procedures. The safety standards reviewed in detail include graphic illustrations of the personal and economic dangers inherent in the use of rigging in lifting and material movement operations. The step-by-step progression of this training is designed to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to become a safe and professional rigger and/rigging inspector.

Columbus McKinnon

Columbus McKinnon

Designed by experts with decades of industry experience, Columbus McKinnon's training curriculum offers in-depth education for professionals working with hoists, overhead cranes, and rigging. Students have access to four state-of-the-art training facilities with expert hands-on and classroom instruction led by the industry's best instructors. For those learning from their home or office, Columbus McKinnon's online training platform includes the most popular courses on the maintenance, use, and inspection of lifting equipment. Online courses are easy to complete on students' own time and are an economical alternative to in-person, hands-on training.

Crane Institute of America, LLC

Crane Institute of America, LLC

Crane Institute of America, LLC is the nation’s leading provider of training services to the lifting industry. Our 5-acre facility near Orlando, Florida accommodates hands-on training for mobile cranes, boom trucks, and rigging. Crane Institute’s programs are excellent for trainees or as a refresher for experienced personnel. We cover all the bases, from pre-op inspection to shutdown. Since 1987, Crane Institute has trained and/or certified more than 85,000 equipment operators, inspectors, supervisors, trainers and riggers. Our training, certification, products and services meet, and usually exceed, all OSHA and industry requirements. We strive to make the lifting industry one of the safest, most liability-free work environments in existence. We go the extra mile to ensure the safety of your personnel and workplace! In addition to training Crane Institute offers support services including accident investigation and litigation support, site safety assessments, audits of policies and procedures, and consulting on ASME/ANSI standards development or interpretation.

Crane Tech

On-Site Training, Seminar Training, or Train-The-Trainer – Crane Tech provides the most comprehensive programs in industry. With 30-years experience teaching rigging for basic to advanced (Master) courses, our expert instructors will clarify this subject and provide easy to implement rigging techniques to enhance your safety. Crane Tech offers a full range of rigging programs to meet every need and industry.

Crosby Training Seminars

Crosby Training Seminars and supporting materials were developed for the Crosby product line. These materials are intended to be used as classroom references in training sessions that are conducted by Authorized Crosby Instructors. Crosby provides instruction only on how to use the material. Crosby does not select or determine whether each attendee is qualified to be a trainer. The companies requesting Crosby training and their management are responsible for determining the capability and suitability of all trainers in their employment. For Authorized Full Line Crosby Distributors & End Users of Crosby Products Only!

Industrial Training International Inc.

Industrial Training International Inc is a training and consulting company that specializes in rigging training, crane training, heavy equipment training and heavy equipment training consulting. Also offering Nationally Accredited Certification for Overhead Crane Operators, Mobile Crane Operators and Basic Rigger/Signalperson. As an industrial training company, on-site training programs are available with hands-on activities for participants to perform proper operating and rigging practices, to conduct efficient inspections and provide quality maintenance.


Lift-It offering sling safety seminars focused on Basic and Advanced Rigging, Sling Inspection, Fall Prevention Demonstrations. All parties who are involved in rigging and manipulating materials, specialized and incidental riggers, supervisors, sling inspectors, safety, training, loss control, quality assurance, tool room and purchasing personnel will benefit greatly by attending.

NACB, Inc.

NACB, Inc’s responsibility is to provide the most comprehensive service available while maintaining current state-of-the-art information on safety as it applies to our industry. We are committed to providing the industry with a standard of excellence unparalleled in the field of safety. Training and certification of operators, inspectors, and riggers is only part of what NACB is about. NorAm Productions, an NACB subsidiary provides an entire line of training products including videos, and pre-packaged training programs. NACB Interactive Educational Systems INC, another NACB subsidiary provides the latest in teaching technology through it’s line of world class crane training simulators.

NSL America

NSL America is not just a training company. Unlike run-of-the-mill training providers who generally deliver training at awareness level and are non-specialist in the subject matter, NSL are experts in all aspects of lifting and mechanical handling. With our highly-skilled lifting engineers and instructors, we can perform technical reviews or audits on your lifting operations to identify any weaknesses or problems. We can then make recommendations as to how to fix them by supplying a host of support services such as on-the-job training, provision of custom training courses, workplace and competence assessment and mentoring. Training can be delivered at one of our training centers, on client’s premises or offshore. We also have support materials such as safe operating procedures, safety manuals and handbooks, safety poster sets, training DVD’s and eLearning. In other words, not only can we identify your problems, but we can fix them too!


Slingmax offering rigging training and safety courses. These courses were developed to enable rigging and supervisory personnel to perform their rigging jobs with appropriate knowledge of the equipment available to them and with a safety-consciousness of their work. All commonly available types of rigging and hardware are covered in the courses. They all reference the applicable regulatory standards for the topics they cover. While some of the courses were originally designed to be instructor-taught sessions, they can be self-taught. Most of the courses are available on multiple media: video, CD and DVD and all attendees will receive certificates of attendance.