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Lift-It Manufacturing Named North American Master Distributor for Green Pin® Tycan® Synthetic Chain

Posted on April 25, 2020

Van Beest B.V. – Sliedrecht, Netherlands has appointed Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc. – Pomona, CA as the North American Master Distributor for Green Pin® Tycan® Synthetic Chain. Tycan® Synthetic Chain is manufactured from DSM Dyneema® DM-20, the preferred fiber for demanding industrial applications.

Weight for Weight, DM20 is 8 times stronger than steel making lightweight Tycan® Chain a viable alternative for appropriate load handling and load securement applications. After a very rigorous testing, auditing and verification process, Green Pin® Tycan® Synthetic Load Handling Chain has received DNV-GL type approval, a prestigious achievement.

Chris Keffer, Van Beest-Managing Director -USA & Canada commented, “The Lift-It management team has done a spectacular job as our West Coast regional warehouse for Green Pin® shackles and fittings. Tycan® Synthetic Chain will be well served by Lift-It and their team of North American Master Distributors who will do much more than simply sell Tycan® products, but provide training as well as documenting the ongoing value propositions that make Tycan® Chain the adjustable option for properly trained and informed riggers and transportation professionals”.

Tycan® Synthetic Load Handling Chain and Tycan® Chain components are used to fabricate Single, Double, Triple and Four Leg - Adjustable Chain Sling Assemblies with capacities ranging from 3,400 to 23,000 lbs. Load handling chain assemblies feature a 5/1 design factor. Lashing Chain Assemblies feature a 3/1 design factor and are available in 11,021 and 14.990 Work Load Limits. Lightweight Tycan® Chain dramatically increases productivity with less effort, injury, and time. The value proposition of Tycan® truly make dollars and sense for the rigging and transportation industries.”

Lift-It CEO, Michael J. Gelskey stated, “ We are honored in our association with Van Beest and are extremely excited about this revolutionary product. We are putting together a Tycan-NA Team of Master Distributors who are the crème de la crème of the North American rigging market to provide immediate service and market coverage.”