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Renfroe Launches Their "On Time Shipping Guarantee" Program

Posted on February 14, 2018

For over 75 years, J.C. Renfroe has designed and manufactured the most reliable and durable plate clamp and lifting products in the industry made right here in the United States in Rockford, Illinois.

Renfroe clamps are not “one fits all” generic lifting products; we apply decades of design and application experience to ensure we have the right clamp for any specific lifting challenge. Renfroe clamps unlike many of the throw away models available today are also designed for easy repair so the customer can get years of superior lifting performance out of the initial purchase.

With our continued growth serving a variety of US and global markets we are actively committed to customer service which includes the introduction of our “On Time Shipping Guarantee” program.

The way the program works is once an order is placed the order will ship from our manufacturing plant in Rockford, IL or from one of our 4 warehouse locations; Los Angeles, CA , New Orleans, LA, Columbus, OH or Toronto, ON. The customer’s order ships On Time as stated on their order acknowledgment or they will receive a 5% discount on that late order.

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