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AMH Introduces new CDFXA shortening hook assemblies from Cartec

Posted on November 2, 2017

All Material Handling is excited to introduce the new CARTEC Grab-IT clevis shortening hook line. The CDFXA is available in one single hook piece, but also with an integrated master link for one, two, and four leg chain slings. This a great addition to a quality line of Grade 100 chain fittings from CARTEC. Sizes range from 9/32” to 5/8”, giving the CFDXA a more complete offering than the competition. CDFX individual hooks are available down to 7/32”.

Adjustable chain slings are quite common, but the conventional way of constructing those is changing. The Grab-IT offers the ability to have an adjustable sling, with less components than the conventional method. For example, let’s look at a 2-leg adjustable chain sling bridle: the CDFXA2, for instance, will reduce the number of fittings at the top of the sling from 7 pieces down to just 3. That assembly offers the functionality of a master link, connecting link and grab hook. There is no need for an adjuster leg. Having less hardware typically means less weight, which is another plus.

Fewer components also means there is less hardware to inspect for wear or damage. Get the job done more efficiently by spending less time on pre-lift inspections. Riggers can now have these benefits while maintaining the versatility of an adjustable sling for a variety of loads. There is benefit for those assembling adjustable slings, as there are less fittings to mechanically attach, potentially saving time and labor costs as a result.

High quality Italian forged chain fittings, competitively priced, and readily available from stock in the US makes for a winning combination. Visit the AMH website at and contact them directly to learn more.