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Long Live the Crosby Clamp!

Posted on September 7, 2017

The Crosby Group is known for innovating and manufacturing high-quality rigging and lifting equipment that boasts a long lifespan in addition to superior functionality. For example, each Crosby Clamp is individually proof tested to 2 times the working load limit and comes with a test certificate to offer peace of mind to those using the equipment. Would you believe our parts are known for lasting well over 30 years when properly maintained, tested, and cared for?

Recently, deep in the salty blue sea, a 3 ton CrosbyIP vertical clamp with a universal lifting eye was found still in use in a ship yard! The harsh salty environment was no match for our top-of-the-line product! This particular clamp has been used for over 30 years lifting parts and components to build ships for the navy. The Crosby Group always stamps each product with a serial number and test date. Even after being in service for 34 years (created one year prior to use), the clamp still functions like new and the stamp is still legible.

This particular lifting clamp is designed for lifting, turning, moving, and vertically transferring plates or fabrications as needed. The hinged hoisting eye is the unique difference that allows this clamp to lift and load from any direction. In ideal conditions, inside a factory with normal humidity, temperature, etc. and if maintained properly, this particular clamp would typically have a lifespan of 25 years.

Maintaining a CrosbyIP vertical clamp includes regular inspection that may result in replacing components. The frame of the clamp (also referred to as the body) is the part of the clamp that does not require replacement over time. Certain parts come in contact with the objects that are lifted and wear out over time. Replacing these pieces is an essential step in ensuring safety and efficiency. The Crosby Group provides extensive and specific training for the repairmen that replace worn out parts. 

The Crosby Group is very proud of our equipment and even offers a 10 year warranty in certain countries on the body/frame part of clamps like the one found at this shipyard. Without the aid of our particular process for manufacturing and stamping our rigging equipment, we would not be able to see the true lifespan of products like this one.