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A New Milestone in Wire Rope Fabrication Field: WIROP WP-6000 Swaging Machine

Posted on June 15, 2017

WIROP INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD (WIROP) was established in 1979 and was the first company to manufacture the swaging machine in Taiwan.  We’ve been supplying wide range of machines, wire rope fabrication equipment and accessories to more than one thousand clients in more than 80 countries.

In 2016, considering the market needs of wire ropes in the biggest sizes as well as bridge cables production, NAKAMURA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. in Kobe, Japan, placed an order of swaging machine with the biggest capacity (WP-6000 with 6000 metric tons).  Under the process of developing an unique and customized swaging machine, WIROP team discussed with the buyer, President Mr. Tetsuya Nakamura many times.  It’s including the convenience of usage, operation height, factory building plans, wire rope fabrication needs, etc.

When the machine’s in commissioning in May 2017, the pressure capacity of WIROP WP-6000, has incredibly reached 6,112 Metric Tons (6,737 US Tons).  On the buyer’s grand opening ceremony in Kobe, Japan, the clients were amazed by the machine capacity and quality very much.

WIROP INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has built up a new milestone in the wire rope fabrication technology, and will continuously exceed clients’ expectations to provide the great services for the wire rope industry.